WARNING: Schizophrenia and Suicide Have EXPLODED Since mRNA Jabs Were Rolled Out

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Serious psychiatric illnesses have exploded since mRNA jab rollout.

The number of people suffering from serious psychiatric problems, including schizophrenia and suicide ideation, has exploded since the jab rollout, according to disturbing new data released by the CDC.

Since the rollout of the toxic mRNA vaccines, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has documented over 9,400 cases of anxiety, 1,600 cases of depression, 975 cases of irritability, 1,100 cases of hallucinations, and 1,500 panic attacks. A whopping 60 percent of all anxiety cases reported to VAERS are related to the mRNA jabs. These cases are likely just the tip of the iceberg because doctors are not trained to identify psychiatric issues after vaccination.

Naturalnews.com reports: Insomnia and even suicidal tendencies are also reported after vaccination. However, there are no official sequelae to track psychiatric illness after vaccination. The FDA and CDC refuse to study the inflammatory role of the vaccine’s spike protein and how it may damage blood vessels and ultimately deprive the brain of oxygen. Because of the lack of robust scientific investigation into vaccine injury, there is no conclusive proof that the COVID-19 vaccines cause the various psychiatric symptoms reported to VAERS. Still, these issues are getting more attention.

60-year-old doctor suffers from cerebella ataxia, destabilizing panic attacks after COVID vaccination

The case of Dr. Patrick William Slater may provide insight into the mechanisms behind the COVID-19 vaccine in relation to psychiatric illnesses. The 60-year-old doctor was healthy and active prior to Operation Warp Speed. He ran a successful full-time practice in Austin, Texas, and he hiked and fished in his spare time. But those days are over, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine. In October of 2021, Dr. Slater was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia. After taking the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Slater lost control over his movements and suffered spontaneous panic attacks. After the vaccine, he could no longer eat on his own, go to bathroom on his own, or control his own movements. Dr. Slater said the panic attacks would come every night. They were so severe, they left him in “abject terror.” On numerous occasions, he contemplated taking his own life.

Neurologists and psychiatrists dismissed his symptoms as general anxiety, and they refused to make any link to the vaccines. However, Dr. Slater strongly believes that his loss of motor control and his newfound psychiatric symptoms came after he took the initial two dose COVID-19 vaccine regime and a subsequent booster shot. Dr. Slater said, “there was no question in my mind” what was causing the panic attacks and loss of motor control.

Dr. Slater is not alone. Some psychiatrists are aware of what is going on with the mRNA vaccines. A psychiatrist named Dr. Amanda McDonald personally saw many of her vaccinated patients regress into unstable, mentally ill and panic-stricken states. According to Dr. McDonald, in 2021, her patients suddenly showed symptoms of insomnia, depression and anxiety “without any sort of rhyme or reason.” The only thing these patients had in common was a recent COVID-19 vaccine or booster.

At the time, “I couldn’t figure out why,” McDonald said. “My patients typically stay stable.” But after Operation Warp Speed, her patients suffered from atypical panic attacks, bouts of depression and strange hallucinations. It took McDonald over a year to even consider that COVID jabs may be the culprit. However, she knew her patients well before the lockdowns and the vaccine rollout. When the COVID insanity hit, she saw widespread “manifestations” in her patients that were not normal.

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