Dr. Birx Comes Clean: “Elites Covered-Up COVID Lab-Leak Theory”

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Dr. Birx admits elites covered-up lab-leak theory of COVID because it was true.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the former White House Covid Response Coordinator, has confessed that the elites tried to cover-up the fact that Coronavirus came from a Chinese lab, and they purposefully tried to discredit anybody who claimed otherwise.

In a CNN interview Tuesday, Dr. Birx revealed that the country is still suffering from blatant censorship:

“I think early on, people did take very definitive sides, and it did divide along party lines, and we’re still suffering from that four years later,” Birx told CNN’s Kasie Hunt, who asked if there was any substance to the argument that the lab leak theory was suppressed. 

“I do think it happened. If you look at what people said about Bob Redfield and how they disparaged him as a scientist because he wanted to bring forward the lab leak potential,” the former top medical official said.

Redstate.com reports: Reputations were ruined. Careers were destroyed. Families were torn apart, all because of the repeated lies of the folks in charge. Many of us knew they were lying to us on a variety of matters from day one, but were ridiculed and shamed for saying the emperor had no clothes.

Robert Redfield, who served as the Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control from 2018 to 2021, said early in the pandemic that COVID could have come out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but was widely dismissed by the media and prominent health officials. Former White House chief medical advisor to the president Dr. Anthony Fauci denied in testimony before Congress Monday that he suppressed the idea, but all evidence points to the fact that he did exactly that.

Birx is disturbingly cheery as she points to their egregious mistakes and acts like it was all just a good-faith misunderstanding when in reality, health authorities carried out one of the greatest assaults on our liberty in U.S. history:

Birx told Hunt on Tuesday, “And I think the reason he felt he [Redfield] needed to bring it forward to push, was to push against this, ‘it had to be this way.’ Because we didn‘t know, and we knew we would never know. I mean, we knew as SARS that China was not transparent. We knew with the second SARS, China was not transparent, so we were not going to get an answer, but that shouldn‘t have held us back 4.5 years later from both ensuring that we protect against lab leaks and we protect that public.”

She added that lab leaks “definitely” happen and noted, “people got infected with HIV in the lab.”

“And so we have to put different rules and regulations and guidelines in place to protect the public. We can do that. We‘ve done that before,” Birx said. 

Thanks, Deborah, for speaking out now. But where were you in crunch time when the American people needed you? MIA. Now, you’ll probably write books, make MSNBC appearances, and perhaps get a gig at Harvard, but you and the rest of the system failed us. You should be ashamed.

Update: Readers are reminding me that Birx has admitted her own unethical behavior before:

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