FDA Approves Moderna’s mRNA RSV Vaccine

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved Moderna’s new mRNA respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for public use.

According to the company’s press release, mResvia is currently the only other mRNA vaccine on the market besides Moderna and Pfizer’s deadly covid injections.

InfoWars reports: While the current approval is for people 60 years and older, the company is testing their RSV vaccine on pregnant mothers, indicating that they wish to expand the future customer base of the shot.

Moderna claims that their new injection has no serious side effects, however, as it uses the same platform as their carcinogenic Covid vaccine, this claim may be dubious, as they recently had to stop a trial for their mRNA HIV vaccine.

“No serious safety concerns were identified in the Phase 3 trial. The most commonly reported solicited adverse reactions were injection site pain, fatigue, headache, myalgia and arthralgia,” the press release said.

The company will next apply for the new shot to be recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) before its expected roll-out for this year’s autumn ‘vaccination season’.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, referred to in Moderna’s patents as modified mRNA or mmRNA for modified messenger RNA, is an exotic technology that encapsulates an altered RNA sequence within a lipid nanoparticle so as to introduce it into the cells of the vaccinated individual. The foreign man-made sequence is then incorporated into the cells of the vaccinated, thus acting more as a gene therapy than a vaccine.

“Messenger RNA (mRNA) is the molecule that carries genetic information from DNA in the cell nucleus to the cytosol for synthesizing proteins by ribosomes,” ACS Pharmacology & Transitional Science said, going onto claim that modified messenger RNA (the artificial RNA in the vaccines) don’t enter the nucleus, thus not altering the human genome, a claim that has been proven false via recent research.

The exotic technology of genetic alteration vaccinations has been in the works for decades, as reported by Alex Jones in 2002 and in more detail in 2015

The company says their name ‘Moderna’ (ModeRNA) means ‘modified RNA’. 

Pfizer used Moderna’s technology for their popular Covid vaccination, an act which Moderna successfully sued Pfizer for.

While the new mRNA RSV vaccine is the only other virus to get the gene-therapy treatment option, an avian influenzavaccination is in development that uses the novel technology, as well as a cow vaccine for the disease of climate change, likely using the same system.

GoodRx reports that mRNA vaccines for Influenza, Zika, RSV, HIV, CMV and cancer are all currently in development.

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