NYC Firefighters Sent to ‘Reeducation Camps’ for Booing Letitia James

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NY firefighters sent to reeducation camps for booing Letitia James

New York Attorney General Letitia James has ordered hundreds of firefighters to be sent to reeducation camps after they were caught booing her at a recent event.

James faced an orchestra of boos while speaking at the ceremony, with echoes of “Trump” chants later coming from the crowd.

Watch: reports: After the ceremony, FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh reportedly said she would ‘hunt down’ the staffers who booed James.

In a letter obtained by the New York Post, FDNY Chief of Department John Hodges wrote the department’s Bureau of Investigation and Trials would investigate and ‘address the behavior.’

From the New York Post:

“BITS is investigating this, so they will figure out who the members are,” Hodges wrote FDNY chiefs Saturday in the letter obtained by The Post.

“I recommend they come forward. I have been told by the commissioner it will be better for them if they come forward and we don’t have to hunt them down,” he continued.

“The [deputy chiefs] shall direct the captain of the company to make a list of those who come forward and send it directly to [FDNY operations]. I realize members might not come forward but they should know that there is clear video of the entire incident and they will be contacted by BITS if they don’t,” he wrote.

A list of talking points for deputy chiefs doing the investigation obtained by The Post said: “We want the members to come forward. They will come to headquarters to be educated why their behavior is unacceptable.”

Conservative commentator DC Draino shared the letter on social media.

“After NY Firefighters exercised their 1st Amdt right to protest corrupt city leaders, a letter was sent saying anyone who booed Letitia James will be sent to HQ for re-‘education’ NYC has become a Marxist h***hole where politics are prosecuted & anyone objecting gets in trouble,” he wrote.

An enraged FDNY retiree said the city sent their “fascist pit bulls” after their “political stunt” backfired.

“It was a political stunt for the city to have the AG there. When it backfired, they sent their fascist pit bulls after guys for exercising their First Amendment rights,” he said, according to the New York Post.

“Most were off-duty and not in FDNY uniform,” he added.

Per Daily Mail:

The Uniformed Fire Officers Association also warned its members on Saturday of the plan noting how the department was in ‘possession of video footage of the event.’

‘As part of this discussion, questions may be asked to specific UFOA members over their actions or their recollections,’ the message said.

James had been invited to speak at the event, which was held to honor The Rev. Pamela Holmes, the department’s second female chaplain and the first black woman to hold that title.

‘Come on, we’re in a house of God… simmer down… thank you for getting it out of your system,’ James said, before beginning her speech.

James was speaking weeks after she won a $355 million judgment against Trump for inflating the value of his properties. He was also banned from business in New York for three years.

The small, but noisy, section of the crowd ignored her calls for them to ‘simmer down’ and continued to boo for another minute – then loudly chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!’

Eventually, the hecklers ran out of steam, until James ad-libbed her speech as she thanked the firefighters who tried to save her mother, who died of breast cancer.

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