“Big Brother is Protecting You” Says NYC Mayor Eric Adams

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Eric Adams

Responding to criticism about increasing the use of facial recognition technology, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that “Big Brother is protecting you”

That was the Mayors reply to elected officials who expressed concerns that using such technology could lead to an all-pervasive surveillance state

InfoWars reports: Blaming his predecessor Bill de Blasio, Adams asserted that New Yorkers felt they were living in a “state of lawlessness” and that his priority was to “stabilise” the situation.

Facial recognition technology uses surveillance cameras to flag up individuals who appear on databases of criminal suspects when they enter certain public locations, although the technology is far from perfect.

“We will also move forward on using the latest in technology to identify problems, follow up on leads and collect evidence — from facial recognition technology to new tools that can spot those carrying weapons, we will use every available method to keep our people safe,” Adams previously asserted.

The Democrat also brazenly suggested that mass surveillance wasn’t a chilling slippery slide, but in fact a good thing.

“It blows my mind how much we have not embraced technology, and part of that is because many of our electeds are afraid. Anything technology they think, ‘Oh it’s a boogeyman. It’s Big Brother watching you,’” he told Politico. “No, Big Brother is protecting you.”

As in George Orwell’s 1984 dystopian classic, Adams presumably thinks that New Yorkers will learn to ‘love Big Brother’.

Albert Fox Cahn, the head of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, responded by warning that facial recognition technology would be weaponized to crack down on “every aspect of dissent” in the city.

“These are technologies that would be chilling in anyone’s hands. But to give an agency with such a horrifying record of surveillance abuse even more power, at a time when they face dwindling oversight, is a recipe for disaster,” he said.

Civil liberties advocates have warned that making facial recognition technology ubiquitous could lead to a Minority Report-style society where everyone, whether they have a criminal record or not, is tracked everywhere they go.


  1. BIOMETICAL ID has been round since 1957 as well as eye scan and finger scanning BUT only the rich used any of that to steal everything until they are now only ONE% that owns 99% of everything big brother eats off the same plate as all the other DOGs here and houls at the moon every nite in packs

  2. The Romans in their Anti Christian purges fed them to the pride of lions
    The lion has always symbolised Pride, a sin, and rhe devouring of Christianity
    The mayor has said himself that his view of his critics is , “There will be those who will critique us. But let’s be clear: Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”.
    Sheep have always been synonymous with Christians.
    He the ex cop Mayor has set up a new religion of “faith based” values, a melting pot a CRUCIBLE of all the little children’s if the world stirred and blended together to create a new recipe for religion into the new world order all under the Pope.

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