Anti-Trump Doctor Blames Violence by Blacks Against Asians on White People

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Anti-Trump woke doctor blames violence by blacks against Asians on white people

Anti-Trump blue checkmark doctor Eugene Gu says the recent wave of hate crimes commited by blacks against Asians should be blamed on white people.

Yes, really.

Following the attack on Asian massage parlors in Atlanta, the mainstream media has pursued the absurd narrative that “white supremacy” and white people are to blame for the violence. reports: However, official crime stats show that white people are significantly underrepresented when it comes to crimes targeting American-Asians.

As the Washington Examiner highlights, citing FBI statistics, whereas whites comprise 62% of the population, they committed 24% of crimes against Asians in 2018.

In comparison, blacks, who comprise 13% of the population, committed 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018.

As Lionel Shriver explains in a recent Spectator article, “In New York City, of the 20 people arrested last year for hate crimes against Asians, two were white. Eleven were black.”

Those figures have also been underscored by recent events, including yesterday’s video showing a shocking unprovoked attack on an Asian woman by Brandon Elliot, who is black.

A video of the incident also shows that black hotel staff refused to help the victim after Elliot repeatedly stomped on her head while yelling, “Fuck you, you don’t belong here!”

There have been numerous other similar incidents in recent weeks.

However, Eugene Gu, one of the people who famously sued President Trump because Trump blocked him on Twitter, thinks he’s found the real culprit behind all these black on Asian crimes.

White people!

“Black on Asian crimes only occur because of our system of white supremacy that strips African Americans of their economic opportunities while taking respect and dignity away from Asian Americans. Also, white people in power are experts at dividing and conquering to stay in power,” tweeted Gu.

That’s right – black men are kicking Asian women to the floor because they’ve been denied economic opportunities by white people – or something.

Presumably, the same reason holds for all those black staff members, who were in gainful employment, who refused to help the victim who was kicked to the floor.

Presumably, Brandon Elliot, who was released from prison in 2019, choosing to stab his own mother to death was also the fault of white people.

Just like last week’s shooting in Boulder which was carried out by an Islamist from the Middle East – it’s all white people’s fault!


  1. The asian massage parlours undercut the others and break the law ,pulling trucks and the cops dont prosecute them and the councils dont close them down And that’s globally It is done by the rule of law and rheir intentions are to cause chaos .The asians are causing it by breaking the law and si driving the other parlours out if business ,but the law us setting it up . THE law .And here many businesses are provoking the public to violence deliberately using passive aggression I.The latest government campaign being broadcast on tele at taxpayers expense zbut in privately owned stations , telks people to speak out against any form of bullying or violence they see .Doesnt tell them to use their phones to collect evidence and take it to the police No tells them to take the law into their own hands and butt in Guess what their INTENTIONS really are ? And tes it is all being done by the Moral Authority for rule of law and his agents And yes the Pope is white .

  2. Let’s get something straight here. If Asians are as smart as some people believe they are, including Asians themselves, then there is no way that they think most attacks against them are coming from Whites. The only Asians who would be thinking in this way, are those Asians who have bought into vile anti-white leftist horseshit. A white person attacking an Asian is about as rare as someone spotting a California Condor. lol WHAT A CROCK!!!

    • Asians aren’t buying it. I have many Asian friends, and they are well acquainted with certain realities having to do with race. I don’t really like using the term “Asian” either, as the liberal media in much of the EU refer to Pakistanis as Asian in order to try to mislead people about who (overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslims) is committing the majority of crimes, mostly rapes, against White victims.

  3. More relaxed concealed carry laws for law abiding citizens would correct this situation everywhere.

  4. 1st the fact that is is just another Illuminatti ploy to make the white race a target is so obvious
    2nd white people will retaliate, WE WILL ARM WE WILL WAGE WAR WE WILL FIGHT

  5. The Eugene goo? The doctor? His twin brother butt, at least has the sense to keep a lower profile.

  6. Blames Violence by Blacks Against Asians on White People

    This is actually a true statement [In part] The globalists who are desperate to take ALL attention off of themselves, and put that attention on the rest of us are white. These white globalists have been funding these asymmetric operations around the world giving rise to all of US fighting with each other. The masks are an even better trick as they have become nothing more than a swastika virtual signal rather than a health protector.

  7. Well, these are the “end times,” after all. One may expect cows to begin flapping wings and flying, and policemen in Washington, D. C. to begin murdering innocent women on Capital Building steps that have done nothing wrong or illegal… Oops, I can’t predict that one: it’s already happening. How about: one can expect a very senile old duffer/fool/parasite to be elected prez by nothing but control of ballot boxes and no legal votes? Oops, that already happened, too. Okay, at least no cows have flapped wings and flown yet. Have they? Whew!

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