Florida Hospital Refuses To Treat Unvaccinated Children

Fact checked

A major US pediatric hospital is refusing to treat children who have not been vaccinated.

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida has given parents a 90-day notice to get their children fully vaccinated or to alternatively find another hospital.

The hospital has even said it will not recognize the usual religious exemptions, despite the fact that this is an exclusion permitted under Florida state law.

Below is an image of the alleged letter that’s being sent to parents of children who see doctors from the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine clinic.

As of November 1st they stopped serving unvaccinated children,  including those with religious exemptions or those on alternative vaccine schedules.

WDDTY reports: In a note to parents, the hospital’s medical director, Rachel Dawkins, says it won’t accept any new patients who aren’t vaccinated, and existing patients who have not been vaccinated, or not completed the schedule, must comply within 90 days.

“Our practice believes that vaccinating children and young adults is a crucial step to promoting healthy lives and futures,” she wrote in a letter dated November 1st.

“Unvaccinated children are at higher risk for becoming ill with a host of preventable diseases that can have serious and sometimes devastating consequences. In addition, unvaccinated children can potentially spread a preventable disease to another child who may be too young to be vaccinated or who is immune compromised.”

She says the vaccines have been “thoroughly tested” for their safety and effectiveness.

The ban hasn’t been universally welcomed, even among doctors. One, Dr Robert J Rowen in California, describes the notice as “the next phase of the systematic destruction of your healthcare rights emanating from the vaccine industry.”


  1. Go fuck yourselves liars shame on you for spreading false infos youre destroying unity among the people and you ppl from this newspunch disgusting site will all be jailed. SHAME.

    • Ah duh George which way did he go?? A duh what’s 1+1 again? If you are vaccinated what is the worry right? You wont get the disease, right? Or do you think you can still get a disease even though you got a vaccine? Do you even care what is in the “vaccines”? Do us all a favor and go put your head back in the sand before you have a screaming fit. Binky’s work well on babies I would advise buying some.

      • You’re a real threat to Big Pharma. Actually, keeping unvaccinated people out of hospitals that have recently vaccinated patients makes sense, whether the unvaccinated people have had measles and are immune or not, since people who get measles vaccinations shed the strain in the vaccine, which isn’t the wild-type measles virus, for up to a month after the shot, and can infect others. Vaccinated people are a health hazard.

        • Same for vaccinated animals. Vaccines are all shed into the environment by the vaccinated and the disease that’s in the vaccine can be given to the vaccinated person/animal – including rabies. There is NO safe or harmless vaccine and never has been. Pharma and the NWO Nazi cabal (the ppl who are pharma) have known this for decades. Vaccines are made to harm and kill, not to prevent disease.
          We need homeopathic and natural medicine hospitals and trained “healthcare” personnel. That’s what really works, cures and brings wellness. Pharma toxic products can never do that.

  2. What else is new? The best thing to do is keep up with your health and avoid petty injuries. Then, you won’t even need to go to a hospital!!

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