Turning thin air into drinking water

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Californian is facing its worst drought in living memory. Incredibly, scientists are applying themselves to figuring out turning thin air into drinking water.

We are seeing a fast growing trend towards harvesting water from the atmosphere, something our ancestors first began working on centuries ago.

People in the Middle East and Europe devised the original air-well systems over 2,000 years ago.

Later the Incas were able to sustain their culture above rain line by collecting dew and channeling it into cisterns for later use.

Since we all depend on the rains to provide the water we need, what if we could extract this rain at the very time and place we need it?

New ideas which have been put forward include self-filling water bottles, to extreme dehumidification, to a large-scale water sources for greenhouse drip irrigation, to emergency water for lifeboats and self-filling canteens for the military.

A new breed of companies has begun to spring up around the world, looking to the skies to solve the world’s looming water issues. These companies are using a variety of technologies to drive costs down for extracting water from air.

Learn how this technology is being applied in incredible ways here.

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