Congress: ‘Jack Dorsey Facing 5 Year Prison Sentence for Perjury’

Fact checked
Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faces 5 years in prison for committing perjury to Congress

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faces a minimum five year prison sentence for lying to Congress about Twitter’s practise of shadow-banning conservatives and independent voices.

On Saturday, Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ) declared that a formal investigation into Dorsey’s crimes could be launched soon:

“The Twitter Files reveal that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may have committed perjury. He told Congress under oath that Twitter was not shadow-banning conservatives. Twitter was. He should be investigated by @JudiciaryGOP and @GOPoversight.” reports: Elon Musk, the current owner and CEO of Twitter has released some internal messages from Twitter staff. The communications show how accounts were tagged, making them less visible or sometimes just a particular tweet.

This practice, which Twitter denied they did, effectively shadow banned accounts or tweets.

While testifying before Congress in 2018 Dorsey was asked, “Social media is being rigged to censor conservatives, is that true of Twitter?”

Dorsey answered, “No.”

The information released in “The Twitter Files” seems to show the former CEO of Twitter may have been lying to congress, perjuring himself. There is also speculation that Dorsey was so absent from his role as CEO that he possibly had no idea what was really going on.

Biggs is calling on the House Judiciary Committee as well as the GOP Oversight Committee to take a deeper dive into what seems “The Twitter Files” expose.

Dorsey seems to also be surprised by a story by the NYPost that shares a lawsuit that alleges Twitter failed to take action on child porn as it didn’t violate policies. Dorsey has asked Musk to make all of his emails public to show that it isn’t true.

With Republicans set to control the House next term, we will see if anything is done on this or if Biggs calls fall on deaf ears.


  1. What an effing joke! The “Gang Of Pussies” won’t do a damn thing to hold this leftist piece of shit accountable.

    • Agreed. He republicans are just “controlled opposition” the two party system serves only the top of the pyramid. Look up Sean Hross on youtube. He has great info on the SwiSS octogon and all the grouos that serve them, We live under the fourth Reich.

  2. He’s another one they’ve obviously groomed and recruited from infancy, from his family history in service to them, for the position they used him in
    Just an ordinary guy trained up and given the jargon to deceive the people to appear as if extraordinarily intelligent and ever ever so “creative”.
    Well, they’ve used him now and hes disposable. He knows the ropes You keep your trap shut or it’s shut for you. Permanently. And in prison is as good Satan’s Hell if that’s how they want it to be.

  3. Slimy Jack has his filthy fingers in more anti Gov’t endeavors then the typical Marxist which is why he belongs behind bars. To protect the American public from his left wing lawbreaking committing Sedition and Treason along the way. All the BIG Tech moguls are like that…

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