Planned Parenthood: Give Cinderella An Abortion

Fact checked
Planned Parenthood has called for Disney to feature a princess having an abortion

Planned Parenthood have publicly called for Disney executives to feature a Princess having an abortion in their next cartoon.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Planned Parenthood Keystone urged Disney to showcase a transexual undocumented immigrant having an abortion in their next movie. reports: According to Planned Parenthood, we also need a Disney Princess who is an illegal immigrant. They must have forgotten about Princess Jasmine of Aladdin fame, who is clearly Middle Eastern. Maybe Disney will make an Aladdin sequel where he and Princess Jasmine fly over Trump’s border wall on his magic carpet to placate Planned Parenthood.

That’s not all, though.

We also need a princess who is a union worker. But why the hell would a princess need a job in the first place?

Finally, we need a trans princess, says Planned Parenthood.

On Twitter, Dave Rubin keenly pointed out that Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid is trans-species.

“It’s never enough for these people,” he quipped.

He’s right. The freaks at Planned Parenthood will never be satisfied. Why bother trying to appease them?


    • Do you know what the Fabian Society is? Their symbol, their goals, their strategy? Do you know what Rothschild Balls look like?
      Listen to “lets do the time warp” song. The directions of the steps, jumps.

      That show is not what it seems. You are right to an extent, but that isn’t the only thing to note. Freaks to whom, and what does each represent and why? Ordinary budding family is the freak? Once again think about what the Fabians are, what have they been involved in, what are they connected to (rockefellers, therefore rothschilds, also bolshevik revolution, un league of nations, socialism communism and through various connections city of london (not actually apart of the uk, but with in the uk), which in turn connects to east india company).

      Then remember this is often done as a theatre show in some of the most prestigious places. Not our places where many of the guests are dressed up in stockings, I mean the full suited and booted, fully loaded bowtie affair. But those same people would go to a rothschild ball and look little different to the ‘freaks’.

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