CNN Priest Tells Unvaxxed Viewers: ‘Stay the HELL Away From Worshipping God’

Fact checked
CNN priest tells unvaxxed viewers to stay away from church

Far-left CNN priest Fr. Edward Beck ordered unvaccinated viewers to stay away from worshipping God this Christmas due to their ‘deplorable’ beliefs.

Father Becks is treating unvaccinated believers like lepers.



  1. The title of “CNN Priest” ist most revealing: such as fake news, there are fake priests. All originating from the satanic sect at the source of all evils on earth.

    • God has begun cleaning it out & most ppl will be shocked when the learn the truth about how satan infiltrated & took it over.

  2. What a great pairing this is!!! CNN has it’s own Catholic priest!!! Marriage made in pedophilia heaven!!!

    So how does this work? What are they planning on worshipping anyway? Maybe they will be sacrificing to moloch? Maybe they will be in confession for having normal sexual relations with their spouse? As penitence they must say 20 hail Ghislaine Maxwell’s? So many possibilities!

    Who knows what any of these sick reprobates do?

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