Tony Blair Tells Tories To Block Brexit Or Face A Corbyn Government

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Tony Blair has warned Tories that they should block Brexit if they want to avoid a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

The former Labour prime minister is renowned for his constant, outspoken opposition to Brexit, but following his comments many are now questioning if he should retain his Labour Party membership

He has repeated his previous calls for a second referendum to allow Britons to have the final say as to whether or not the United Kingdom exits the bloc.

RT reports: In a speech in Parliament at Speaker’s House on Monday, Blair gave a warning to the Conservatives that left many on social media wondering where the former prime minister’s allegiances actually lie.

“As for the Conservative party, I understand why they feel they must deliver Brexit as ‘the will of the people.’ I understand also why they believe that delivering it is the best inoculation against a Corbyn government.

“Think ahead. Before the end of 2020 we will know the real deal. There is then another 18 months to an election. Think June 2022. Will the economy be stronger? Will the Brexit news be better? Will people be feeling that Brexit has really delivered all that ‘control’ we say we don’t have now? Will the NHS be on the mend? Will the free trade agreements be stacking up?

“The 17m who voted ‘Leave’ may be short on gratitude. The 16m who voted ‘Remain’ will be unlikely to forget. Remember that 13m wins an election. Brexit is not the route to escaping a Corbyn government; it is the gateway to having one.”

The left side of Twitter was soon afire, with many asking why Corbyn should hold Labour Party membership after such comments.

Others were incensed by Blair’s comments. One Twitter user launched a scathing attack on “treacherous” former Labour leader.


  1. ANOTHER election to allow Britons to have the final say?….they had the final say in the first election, Blair is the one who cant accept the will of the people. Blair is hoping to rig the next election better than he did the last one. Blair should be publicly flogged for his disrespect for the people he supposedly elected to serve.

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