British Army Reservists Called Up To Help Prepare For No-Deal Brexit

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The British government has called up army reservists to help prepare for no-deal Brexit on March 29th

On Thursday, ministers issued notices to the military calling for the deployment of reservists as London reinforces its preparations for a potential disorderly exit from the European Union.

Press TV reports: The ministers said in their formal notices that the call-up was meant to help tackle the impact of a no-deal Brexit  “on the welfare, health and security of UK citizens and economic stability of the UK”.

The Ministry of Defense said it was supporting no-deal preparations across government to ensure there are “effective and proportionate contingency plans in place”.

The chance of a no-deal Brexit has become more serious in the wake of a vote in parliament on Tuesday, when lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal with the EU.

“A new order has been made under section 56(1B) of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 to enable Reservists to be called into permanent service in support of the [government’s] contingency planning for a no deal EU exit scenario,” said junior defense minister Mark Lancaster on Thursday.

Britain plans to deploy troops on the streets in case Brexit talks fail with the EU.
Previous reports had suggested that the British military will deploy troops on the streets across the UK to cope with potential unrest that could be caused by lack of food and medicine in the time of no-deal Brexit.

According to government plans, troops should remain on the streets for one year, starting from February 10.

The government has insisted that it would not accept calls for an extension of a two-year Brexit negotiating period with the EU nor it would bow to pressures for a fresh referendum that could allow Britain to cancel the 2016 popular decision to leave the EU.

That would mean that the country would crash out of the EU on March 29 without an agreement to regulate trade and many other issues.


  1. I pray this is true and that the UK will make a clean Brexit with no strings attached. The satanic EU / NWO is being destroyed right before our eyes. Thank you, LORD God!

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