Authorities Seize $2 Million in Drugs at US-Mexico Border

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Authorities seize over 2 million dollars worth of drugs at US-Mexico border

A massive drug seizure in Arizona involving 200lbs of meth and 3,500 pounds of cannabis valued around $2 million has been made at the US-Mexico border.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office collaborated with Customs and Border Protection agents as part of the County Drug Suppression Task Force (MCDST), officials said in a news release. reports: Authorities operating near Gila Bend spotted “two trucks avoid a border checkpoint and drive into an uninhabited desert area with their lights off,” the sheriff’s office said.

Tire deflation devices were set up and the vehicles “were rendered inoperable” after coming in contact with them, they added. Four suspects allegedly took off from the area on foot, the sheriff’s office said.

“Detectives coordinated with CBP agents and air support, and three of the suspects were subsequently apprehended,” according to authorities. “The vehicles, loaded with bricks of methamphetamine and marijuana, had been reported stolen and were driving with fictitious license plates.”

The apprehended suspects – who were identified as Jose Jaime Garcia-Lopez, Yoni Ontiveros-Torres and Ruben Espericueta-Jiminez – were booked in jail on charges of possession and transportation of dangerous drugs for sale and possession and transportation of marijuana for sale, the sheriff’s office said.

“This seizure is an example of exceptional police work by our deputies and law enforcement partners,” Sheriff Paul Penzone said in the news release. “It is also an example that the demand for drugs continues to be epidemic. Illicit drugs are the most impactful contributor to violence, crime and gang activity that continues to adversely impact our community and our families. We will be unwavering in our commitment to hold the line.”


  1. This would have been staged for sure.. they have heaps of drugs stored from busts that are never reported…. they sell them off to have holidays and buy each other cars and stuff.. and they also go to the casino with some of the money they get from selling these stored unreported drugs.. this was not a real bust.. no way.. we aren’t stupid we know the bullshit the powers that should NOT be get up to….

    • hey buddy he did link the source of the article and there is a phone number on there if you want to inquire..I believe its truth..Now in the Obama / Bush / Clinton days I’d believe it but I think these people are on their game under Trump. Unless there are leftovers from the swamp in their ranks

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