FBI: Stephen Paddock Was Motivated By Anti-Trump Hysteria

Fact checked
Stephen Paddock was motivated by anti-Trump hysteria, according to the FBI

A leaked classified FBI report claims that Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was motivated to commit the massacre over his fury at Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

According to the bombshell report, the “classified intelligence report used to debrief FBI brass and LVMPD” reveals “a major motivating force behind the murder of 58 people in Las Vegas was Stephen Paddock’s disdain for Donald Trump’s election.”

Infowars.com reports: The source of the report, True Pundit, purports to have contacts within the U.S. government. It has been dismissed by some on the left but has proven accurate in the past.

For example, the ‘Thomas Paine’ Twitter account associated with the website exposed the existence of a secret society within the FBI on December 19, 2017, over a month before it was made public and reported on by the media.

According to the new report, the country music crowd was targeted because it was packed with Trump supporters.

“The FBI & Vegas police worked hard to conceal Paddock’s politics and a classified report linking his ideologies to the massacre,” states the report, adding that Paddock began ramping up his acquisition of weapons shortly after the election.

The report goes on to point out the inconsistencies in the official narrative, noting that Paddock supposedly killed himself but also had an escape plan and had “planned to fight his way out of the Mandalay Bay if necessary” and go on to commit more massacres.

The report then quotes directly from the alleged intelligence document.

“Mr. Paddock’s purchasing pattern reflects a violent behavior profile that appears to be inspired by political or ideological bent. One possible domestic/political group would be ANTIFA related.”

“Mr. Paddock’s first weapons were reportedly purchased in October 2016, with numerous additional weapons (more than 40) purchased in the run up to the attack. The coincidence of such an escalating ramp of weapon procurement is, all beginning just after the election, compelling and cannot be ignored.

“Moreover, the behavior ‘baking period’ from point of first procurement to final act of terror is extremely short and the election appears to have been the trip wire, with the final act inspired by other unknown factors. Key is trying to understand what his purpose was in doing dismounted surveillance in Chicago and Boston, and apparently without any weapons on hand.”

The claim that Paddock’s massacre was driven by his anti-Trump politics is contradicted by a claim by Paddock’s former neighbor, who said that the shooter was “a Trump fan” and once wore a Trump t-shirt.

Emphasizing how little agreement there is on Paddock’s motive, former Massachusetts Trump campaign official James Brower also claimed that he was leaked information from within the White House that Paddock made an ISIS propaganda tape before the shooting.


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