Dem Rep Eric Swalwell Suggests Kicking Out Every Russian Student In The US

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Eric Swalwell

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell believes that the government should consider kicking out every Russian student currently in the United States following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Appearing on CNN last week, Swalwell said “Frankly, I think closing their embassy in the United States, kicking every Russian student out of the United States, those should all be on the table.”

In an attempt to justify his remarks he then added that “Vladimir Putin needs to know every day that he is in Ukraine, there are more severe options that could come”.

Summit News reports: Firstly, that’s a bit xenophobic, no? It’s ok when Democrats do it though, right?

Secondly, you can just imagine Putin receiving the news ‘Oh no, the students might be sent home’ call off the war machine.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Tom Cotton noted Sunday that Biden’s sanctions are “riddled with loopholes.”

“It’s time for the president to quit pussy-footing around,” Cotton said, adding “We need to rush those weapons that were announced for delivery yesterday to the front. Anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles, sniper rifles, ammunition. It should have been done weeks ago.”

Cotton quoted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki saying “we made the mistake of seeing Vladimir Putin of seeing the world through global norms.”

“I never made that mistake,” Cotton proclaimed, adding “I’ve seen [Putin] as a ruthless dictator. He took the ambitions he’s always had and went for the jugular. Thankfully brave Ukrainian people are fighting back and every day they hold out they continue to stiffen the spines of leaders in the west. We need to urge them on and continue providing them the weapons they need to fight back.”


  1. Saul Alisky s Rules for Radicals is their work book. Google it and see. He dwucates it to Satan He was Hilary chum from college.

    • Dedicates.
      I prefer Linda Robstadts version myself She’s a democrat old school when I even was too.

  2. Funny he doesn’t say that about those young chinese escorts moonlighting as spies he is so fond of.

  3. Liberal Democrats are above everything else, hypocrites. Who will they expel or demonize next? If the Russian kids don’t go home will they be arrested and put in camps? Waterboarded? Here’s something; whether in Washington, Charleston or Ottawa.. the appearance of one person, one symbol, one faded tattoo that appears to have something like a Swastika and their heads explode! But they openly support the only Nazi regime extant in Kiev! The Ukrainian flags displayed by the sycophantic traitors at the Capital is a National disgrace.

  4. Won’t be long now and they will start up in our JewNited States concentration camps for all Americans of Russian decent.

  5. that is not possible as many people can and do have citzenships in both countrys it is allowed to have papers for more than one citzenship in many countrys including joint russian/american like steven segal

  6. nasa would have to stop going to space as they work out of kazakhstan with russia/china industrial mil complexs

  7. TIC tic is acting as the real agenda goes on around the globe-HE`ll be walking to work as gas price sky rocket due to america TIC TIC biting the hands that feeds us fuel food and metals from our china pimp daddys due to reagan goonSS

  8. biting the russia/china complex that feeds us is costing billions fuel prices food going up send him over to ukrain than let him die in a needless battle

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  12. so they will be forced to kill thier own brothers in the ukraine which are also not allowed to leave and must fight their own brothers so we are building the biggest blood bath possible to keep the death rate up after the covid more depopulation and putin and the UK and the UK ran war drumming media which own 98% of all media in the USa still wants more fire up some nukes get more money less poor and run the depopulated world with zero free speech-the new real world order is like 20% of the current population and much more power money and control and by that time the weapons will be built into our heads and they will just shock the monkeys to death if and when needed

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