Czechs Buying Guns To Shoot Muslim Terrorists

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The Czech Republic is in the grip of Islamophobia following terror attacks in Europe.

The Interior Minister Milan Chovanec has warned citizens that a Super Holocaust is about to be committed in Europe and wants Czechs be able to use their guns against Muslim terrorists.

The government is rushing new gun laws through parliament, working toward amending the constitution.

In the near future ordinary citizens may be able to shoot a potential terrorist on-sight in the absence of police.

The Daily Express reports:

The radical new proposals are going to be presented to parliament in the coming months in a bid to ensure there is a well-equipped civilian line of defence against Islamist terror.

President Milos Zeman has already told the Czech population to buy weapons in preparation for a “super Holocaust” perpetrated by Muslim terrorists.

There are currently 300,000 people with a firearms license in the nation, which shares a border with terror-hit Germany, and around 800,000 legally owned weapons.

Milan Chovanec said: “More Czechs are getting firearms licences, and I think that if the situation does not improve in the coming months, then the number of firearms holders will grow.”

The move could see the Czech Republic square up the the European Union, which is seeking to ban the sale of high powered weapons within its borders.

A European regulation set for approval in the Spring EU summit could massively restrict the sale of assault rifles such as Kalashnikovs or AR-15s, which are repeatedly used during mass killing sprees in America.

The EU also wishes to impose psychological tests onto those seeking to carry firearms in an attempt to prevent the guns falling into the wrong hands.

Prague has already branded the measure “too severe”, but other EU nations such as Luxembourg think it does not go far enough.

The Czech government is hoping to avoid devastating terror attacks like those seen in Nice or Berlin, where armed members of the public could potentially have killed the extremists before they had chance to carry out their atrocities.

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