Will US Continue ‘Receiving Orders From Israel’?

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Trump invites Netanyahu to a meeting in the US "at the first opportunity"

US Will Continue 'Receiving Orders From Israel'

Donald Trump invited Benjamin Netanyahu to the United States after the Israeli Prime Minister congratulated him on his presidential victory.

Netanyahu spoke to the newly elected U.S. President by phone on Wednesday and Trump invited him to a meeting “at the first opportunity”, Netanyahu’ soffice said, adding that “The Prime Minister congratulated Trump on his electoral win and told him that the US has no better ally than Israel.”

The invitation indicates that Washington will continue to receive orders from Tel Aviv, according to Paul Larudee, a former US government adviser

Press TV reports:

“The fact that he [Trump] invited Netanyahu to come, probably his first international meeting after winning the election, is an indication that he, like most US politicians and presidents, considers the US to be in the arms of Israel and he is going to be receiving instruction from Netanyahu about the correct way to go about this,” Larudee told Press TV.

He also stated that Donald Trump is “wedded to” Israel, adding that he will soon understand that he cannot accomplish very much in US politics without having Tel Aviv on his side.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larudee argued that Trump should surround himself with people he personally trusts not with experts from previous administrations or the Republican Party.

“If that happens, a lot will depend on the attitudes of the people which he surrounds himself and if these people are not neoconservatives and lackeys of the Israel lobby, then there might be some room for change but all of that is very speculative at this point,” he said.

According to the analyst, Trump does not have a track record of dealing with politics in general but he has at least some record of his business dealings in which he takes very strong positions and he can be angered if someone tries to push him around.

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