Biden’s Secret Police Send J6 Prisoner Attorney to Mental Facility by Force

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Biden's goons send J6 prisoner attorney to mental facility by force.

A lawyer for one of the J6 prisoners has been forcibly sent to a mental institution by Biden’s secret police, according to reports.

In a recent phone call from prison to journalist Jim Hoft, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes revealed his attorney Kellye SoRelle, who testified before the Jan. 6 House Select Committee, had been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial and was subsequently institutionalized against her will. reports: Following her representation of Rhodes, SoRelle faced severe legal repercussions, including charges of felony obstruction of justice and allegations of document tampering during a grand jury inquiry. She was also accused of entering the Capitol grounds on Jan 6.

In June 2023, a federal judge deemed her mentally unfit to face trial claiming she suffered “from a mental disease or defect rendering her unable to understand the proceedings against her or to assist properly in her defense,” according to the Washington Post.

As Hoft explains, “This was the first time we have heard from Stewart in months since his Washington DC show trial. Stewart was on a 90-day phone restriction at the federal prison he is held at in Maryland.”

Here’s a transcript of the conversation where Rhodes likened SoRelle’s current situation to Soviet Union-style persecution:

Stewart Rhodes: Kellye SoRelle, the attorney for Oath Keepers. She sat with them (Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee), I believe, six different times for hours and hours and talked to them.

Jim Hoft: What is her predicament now?

Rhodes: She’s been put in a mental institution run by the BoP (Bureau of Prisons)… Sadly, she’s been placed in a BoP mental facility. She’s been ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Hoft: Oh my God!

Rhodes: Like in the Soviet Union. They put you on trial. They put you in a mental institution. That’s where we are now.

Hoft: I’m so sorry to hear that.

Rhodes elaborated on SoRelle’s legal background when asked about fellow J6 prisoner Jeffrey McKellop, who was also institutionalized following a court’s decision he was mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Jim Hoft: Hey, Stuart. So I was going to ask you, when we were cut off the last time, there was a man who was arrested on January 6. His name is Jeffrey McKellop. Does that ring a bell?

Stewart Rhodes: Yes.

Jim Hoft: I spoke with him. He was very interesting, very intelligent person, had a really amazing story. He’s been through a lot in his life, and he was able to give me so much information. Now, Stuart, he told me during one of our interviews that what he saw on January 6 reminded him of something like crowd control, something that he saw take place in other countries. It was like something you would expect from the CIA or something…

Stewart Rhodes: He was in the CTF with a lot of the other guys in DC, and he was able to see all the video on evidence… He was able to look through it all, and he said, hey, I recognize this kind of operation himself.

Jim Hoft: …The reason I thought about him is you just said that Kellye SoRelle was sent to a mental hospital and she was your lawyer.

Stewart Rhodes: Yes, lawyer for Oath Keepers. And she was also, remember, she was a whistleblower on election night in Detroit. She was there as a legal observer for Lawyers for Trump. And she was one of the very first people to blow the whistle and say that she saw and heard behavior that was consistent with what later on was coming out. What came out in Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules, she overheard a conversation of a guy complaining to somebody on the phone that he needed more money. He’s already brought in this many votes. He’s going to bring in more. He needs more money. She heard that conversation…

Jim Hoft: …What brought this up was I heard that Jeffrey McKellop also got sent to a mental hospital. That’s why when you said that earlier about Kellye, it made me think of Jeffrey McKellop.

Stewart Rhodes: I don’t think he’s mental. Here’s the thing. It’s one thing to be, yes, going through what we’re going through. We’re going through a lot. But I don’t think that makes a man mentally incompetent. So it’s like the Soviet Union. Either they put you in a show trial like they did with me, or they put you in a mental institution. And I think there’s a reason why they chose that for Kellye SoRelle.

The Biden regime is persecuting its political enemies to the fullest extent. No wonder the establishment is so desperate to stay in power before the pendulum has time to swing back the other way.

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