Embalmer Says Strange Blood Clots Still Being Found In Covid Jabbed People

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Embalmer and funeral director Richard Hirschman has said that unusually long and fibrous blood clots continue to be found inside the bodies of deceased covid vaccinated individuals.

Embalmers across the world have been reporting about strange clots in the veins of the recently deceased, clots that they say they had never seen before the experimental covid ‘vaccines’ were rolled out.

Hirschman originally spoke out during his appearance in the documentary Died Suddenly, where he discussed discovering the freakishly long clots in people he embalmed.

Infowars reports: Hirschman took to Twitter Sunday saying he’s still seeing the long fibrous clots being extracted from vaxxed individuals.

“I have been only sounding an alarm about what I am seeing! I can only say that this is not normal,” Hirschman tweeted. “In the 20 years prior to 2021 I never seen anything like this. Something is causing this, and I see it often.”


Replying to a commenter, Hirschman showed a picture of what a normal blood clot typically looks like.

Hirschman’s comments come as bodybuilder and fitness influencer Jo Lindner died over the weekend just weeks after claiming tests showed his blood samples contained white fibrous clots.
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