Thousands March In London Against Syria Bombing

Fact checked

Thousands took to the streets in London on Saturday in protest against the UK’s military intervention in Syria

The Anti-war demonstrators also demand an end to other British military campaigns abroad.

RT reports:

Activists and supporters of the Stop the War Coalition gathered outside Broadcasting House at Portland Place before marching to Downing Street.

Slogans like “MPs who voted to kill people #stop bombing Syria”, “Bombing for peace is like f**king for virginity,” and “Syrian lives matter”, were visible on flags and banners carried by the pacifists. The protest closed streets as it weaved along Regent Street, past Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

“Stop the war” as well as “Boycott ISIS,” were also seen among the banners in the crowd.

When the rally reached Downing Street several speakers took the stage to condemn the government’s decision to participate in yet another armed conflict, which is the fourth intervention since the anti-terror campaign began in Afghanistan in 2001.

Airstrikes by the UK in Syria were approved by a contentious vote of 397 to 223 in favor of military intervention on December 2.