Court Orders TSA To Clean Up Its Act With Body Scanners

Fact checked
A US Court has ordered the TSA to regulate the use of the controversial body scanners used at airports

A recent lawsuit has been won against the TSA that will see the Transport Security Administration forced to clean up its act with regard to the use of body scanners in airports. 

The US Court of Appeals has ordered the TSA to finalize the rule-making schedule for the scanners by November 22nd. reports:

The agency was supposed to have established rules for the scanners before it even installed them, but it has dragged its heels ever since — even a 2011 order to “promptly” establish rules didn’t do much. With this ruling, the TSA doesn’t have much of a choice.

Provided the TSA honors the deadline, the verdict might just curb its use of the scanners, which some say are too invasive.

The security body will have to justify how and why it uses the machines, and open itself to the same public commentary that you see with other kinds of government rulemaking.

It’s doubtful that you’ll avoid the scanners entirely, but the TSA may have to give you more exceptions or think twice about some of its deployments.