ISIL In Afghanistan Grabs Land And Expands, Government Is Aware

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Shinwari tribal elders in eastern Afghanistan have complained to the central government in Kabul, about the increase of Islamic State (IS/ISIL/ISIS) militants in their communities, who are grabbing land and displacing the population. 

Tribal leaders in eastern Nangarhar province have said that Islamic State (IS) militants have grabbed some land, and the people of the province are now being victimized by a war run by foreign spy agencies.

About ten days ago there were reports of Daesh militants, dressed in black, being dropped off by unknown helicopters in Tor Ghar, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Times reports:

The Islamic State (IS) militants have grabbed lands of people in eastern Nangarhar province, said Shinwari tribal elders.

The tribal elders expressed their deep concerns over increasing presence of IS, also known as Daesh, in their respective areas. Shinwari tribal elders said that the Daesh militants have grabbed their lands and were forcing them to leave their houses.

Aref Shinwari, a tribal elder, told Azadi Radio that they briefed President Ashraf Ghani about the challenges that they were facing. “Fate of as many as 60 families is unclear. We have lost our houses and lands,” he said. He added that they were victims of the war fought by the foreign spy agencies in their province.

The tribal elders urged the government to establish security checkpoints in their districts and launch a large-scale operation against the militants.Afghanistan

The elders also expressed their concerns over flow of militants from Pakistan. They said that Haska Mena, Kot, Achin, Speenghar, Dur Baba and Ghanikhel districts have turned into hubs of the IS militants.

Azizullah Shinwari, another tribal elder, said that Daesh fighters were receiving support from other side of the Durand Line. “The militants have brought their families, they have grabbed our lands and have even taken away hundreds of sheep,” he added. Shinwari urged the government to conduct operations in their areas.

President Ghani after meeting with Shinwari tribal elders directed the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to launch operations against militants in Nangarhar province. However, the MoD said that military operations were already underway in the province.

Spokesman for the MoD, Dawlat Waziri, said that the government would not allow Daesh or any other terrorist group to grab people’s lands.


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