‘Alarming’ Number Of Children Missing From British Care Homes

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Child trafficking victims and unaccompanied children disappearing from UK care

‘Alarming’ Number Of Children Missing From British Care Homes

Child trafficking victims and unaccompanied children are going missing from UK local authority care homes at an “alarming high” rate according to a new report

According to research published last month by ECPAT UK and Missing People, of the nearly 760 trafficked or unaccompanied children who disappeared from care homes across the UK last year, over 200 have not been found.

The report says the true scale of trafficked children who have gone missing is unclear as many local authorities lack data on how many are in their care

The charities are raising concerns about the effectiveness of the country’s child protection system and are calling on the UK government and local authorities to reform the child protection system.

Press TV reports:

The study found that over 160 children went missing at least once in the 12-month period leading to September 2015. That is more than a quarter of all trafficked children in the UK care system.

Additionally, 593 of the 4,744 unaccompanied child asylum seekers placed under the protection of local authorities had disappeared at least once in the same period.

This means that from September 2014 to September 2015, care services were responsible for nearly 30 percent of all the UK’s child trafficking victims and 13 percent of missing unaccompanied children.

The two charities said the data they had collected from 200 local authorities underscored the need to reform the child protection system in Britain.

Chloe Setter, from ECPAT UK, which mainly focuses on child trafficking, said the fact that the issue of vulnerable children going missing had “remained neglected” amounted to a “national disgrace.”

“We must not accept this as a reality any longer. Every child that goes missing is a failure in our duty to protect them from harm,” she added.

Susannah Drury, from Missing People, called on the law enforcement to treat the trafficked or unaccompanied children who go missing as “high risk” and prioritize their safety over “any questions about their immigration status or criminal activity.”


  1. I believe this whole thing is linked from Westminster to Washington and beyond. It goes back decades and involves many big names. If you research pizzagate, Savile, Jersey care home, Kincora boys home, Franklin child abuse case, Bohemian Grove and so many other names and places you find they all link up. No wonder no Judge will take up the case here in the UK, it’s simply too dangerous. It needs complete co-operation from governments all around the world and a commitment to expose the truth no matter how shocking otherwise this terrible thing will never stop.
    Look up the recent Hampstead case and see if you think these children are lying…
    HAMPSTEAD Satanic Ritual Abuse In #UK Return
    If link doesn’t work just copy and paste into youtube, there are several videos on this.

  2. It seems to be a way of life there; that the majority of boys whether in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales are routinely raped. The system seems to be classic Dickens in that you get the ringleader who gets the boys in stratified ages to prey on the younger. They like to make it a group humiliation thing so that the younger boys for example are herded into an area and raped en masse thus making them comrades in terror – like soldiers in battle loyal to their particular platoon. The fact that so many fathers, grandfathers, etc. seem to either not know or don;t want to says volumes. It is as if they have all been through it and view it as an unfortunate rite of passage. Finally, it is astonishing how many adults in Britain are jailed for this crime. It is as if, who hasn’t been? Throw in that there are no jobs; some families have been on the dole living on Estate for generations. What “man” can discipline his sons or be a role model when he himself feels worthless? If his boy can make a few bucks selling himself, and find others who will not judge him for it, he will. And they do. It is very sad.

  3. you can find them at the judges, prosecutors, and politician’s satanic rituals, they will be the ones laying naked on the alter.

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