Russian Bomb Disposal Unit On The Way To De-Mine Aleppo

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Russian Bomb Disposal Unit On The Way To De-Mine Aleppo

A Russian bomb disposal unit has flown to Syria to help clear the liberated eastern part of Aleppo from the mines left there by the terrorists.

A statement from the Russian MoD said: “An advance unit of the international anti-mining center of the Russian Armed Forces has flown to Syria to participate in the humanitarian demining of districts in eastern Aleppo liberated from the militants”

Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian General Staff, Sergei Rudskoy, said  that 200 servicemen and 47 units of combat and special equipment will be involved in the de-mining activities in Aleppo.

This week saw a breakthrough for the Russian-backed Syrian operation to retake eastern Aleppo.

RT reports:

The servicemen from the task force initially underwent special training before being dispatched to the war-torn country and have now been sent to the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Syria.

The bomb disposal unit “is fully autonomous and is equipped with the most advanced demining tools and means of protection,” the statement added.

The unit has also been joined by a squad of mine-detecting sniffer dogs. The Russian sappers have aided Syrian forces previously in demining the territories liberated from the militants.

Following the liberation of the historic town and UNESCO heritage site, Palmyra, in March, Russian bomb disposal units helped clear the territory of booby traps left by Islamic State jihadists.

“The Russian military defused almost 18,000 pieces of explosives and demined 825 hectares of that territory,” the Defense Ministry announced Friday with regard to the Palmyra operation. In addition, some 8,500 houses were cleared of booby traps, Moscow said.

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