Italy Deports Muslim Cleric After He Celebrated Jihadi Terror Attack

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A Muslim cleric was deported from Italy after prison officials caught him celebrating the death of "infidels" in a jihadi terror attack. 

A radical Islamic cleric has been deported from Italy after prison officials caught him “celebrating” the death of “infidels” in a deadly jihadi terror attack. 

The news of the deportation comes after Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini vowed to deport as many migrants as possible in order to salvage Italy’s Christian heritage and traditions.

According to Il Giornale, the unnamed Muslim imam was expecting to be released from prison when guards transferred him from his cell to a repatriation center last week. Unfortunately for him, the Islamic cleric soon discovered that he had worn out his welcome from his long-suffering Italian hosts.

Instead of being released to the community after serving his sentence, the imam was taken to an airport for a direct flight from Rome to Cairo on September 19, where he was deported from Europe for “celebrating” the 2016 Berlin Christmas Market terror attack in which twelve innocent people were slaughtered.

The Tunisian imam, who had been convicted of robbery and drug dealing, was serving his sentence at Rome’s Rebibbia prison before he was caught glorifying the deadly terror attack. He was known by guards and prisoners to openly advocate for the Islamic State and jihad. Breitbart reports that the imam was also accused of encouraging Islamic brutality among inmates and was personally prepared to emulate Amri’s terror attack.

The imam was reportedly transported to a repatriation center with 3 Egyptian nationals, all of whom were considered national security threats. The men were placed on a plane and flown to the Egyptian capital without hesitation.

Italy has extradited 89 individuals this year in Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s crackdown on the Muslim migrant crisis. Salvini has defied the EU’s demand that Italy takes in more refugees, despite the fact that it has been a gateway for thousands of asylum seekers for years.

Now, he’s vowing to deport as many migrants as possible in order to salvage Italy’s Christian heritage.

Italy has a backlog of 500,000 illegal immigrants and if we don’t manage to expel more than 10,000 a year we’ll take 50 years to make up for the past.

‘Go wherever you want, but not to Italy’ said new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

MadWorld reports:

On September 20, Salvini took to Twitter to call out NGO ships that rescue Muslim migrants. He pointed to one ship in particular which refused to return a group of 10 illegal migrants to Libya after taking them aboard.

The Aquarius 2 [the boat’s official name]has recovered about 10 people in Libyan search and rescue waters, a few miles from the mainland, but refused to cooperate with the coastguard in Tripoli,” Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister, tweeted Thursday.

Now it’s floating in the Mediterranean. I say it again and again: go wherever you want, but not to Italy.”

Europe is not only importing millions of Muslim migrants but also their ideology. These invaders hold fast to a religious system that condemns the very basis of our civilization.

The West would not exist without its exceptional freedoms and laws, and it is these values and culture that make up the foundation of our society. Anyone who expresses such a refusal to respect our values must be expelled from our civilization if we wish to preserve this exceptional way of life.

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