Gov. DeSantis: Americans Must Fight Tooth and Nail To Oppose Democrats’ Cultural Marxism

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Gov. DeSantis urges Americans to fight Democrats' cultural marxism

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has urged Americans to fight back against the Democrats’ push to impose “cultural Marxism” into America’s way of life.

DeSantis called on fellow Republicans to fight tooth and nail against the Left’s relentless Marxist agenda.

Speaking during an interview with The Federalist this week, DeSantis warned that Americans must urgently act now to thwart the Democrats’ “wokeism” or risk seeing the United States collapse to Marxism.

“As much as I’m a fiscal conservative, some of these battles with what the left is doing are effectively cultural Marxism,” DeSantis said.

“You can have, theoretically, a successful economy, but if the underpinnings of the culture are just being torn apart, I don’t think that’s a society that’s going to be very successful over the long term.”

“If all you’re doing is, the Democrats propose $2 trillion in infrastructure [legislation], so we say we’ll do $1.5 trillion, that’s not going to animate anybody,” DeSantis told The Federalist.

“That’s just Me Too Republicanism and ultimately that’s not going to be successful.” reports: DeSantis has been one of the leading conservative lawmakers joining, and often leading, conservative policy efforts in education, athletics, social media, and COVID-19. On Tuesday, DeSantis joined a group of Republican-led states in banning biological males from competing in female sports in high school and college. He signed legislation despite pressure from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to pull events from states that enacted such laws.

“We’re not going to be bullied by groups like the NCAA,” the governor said. “I’m totally willing to sacrifice an event in order to stand with the girls of my state.” DeSantis also noted that the NCAA has yet to pull events from other states that have enacted similar laws.

“It’s an easy decision, and I don’t view it as pressure as much as saying, ‘the battle lines are clearly drawn, so which side are you going to be on?’ So we’re obviously on the side of the women athletes in this state,” the governor added.

DeSantis also highlighted the need for elected Republicans to stand up to “corporate media” that work with Democrats to set narratives and unfairly malign or spread falsehoods about the GOP.

“In some respects, [corporate media] really are the heart and soul of the Democrat Party,” DeSantis said. “The politicians are on the side, it’s really corporate media that drives their agenda.”

Florida is gearing up for a legal battle against big tech titans such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter over a recently-enacted law restricting social media platforms from banning politicians and censoring certain kinds of political speech. Two tech industry trade groups, Netchoice and the Computer & Communications Industry Association, filed suit against Florida on May 27 over the law.

“Republicans need to understand where the battle lines are being drawn,” DeSantis said.

“I don’t think there’s ever been as many hostile cultural forces, whether it’s corporate media, universities, big tech, now big business,” he said. “If you’re an American who believes in the core values of this country — faith, family, opportunity — you are absolutely on the defensive in many respects, so the question is, how do you fight back effectively.”


  1. If you’re an American who believes in the core values of this country — faith, family, opportunity — you are absolutely on the defensive in many respects, so the question is, how do you fight back effectively.”When your a Roman Catholic and Bidens only the 2nd ever Catholic President in a Nation where the Founding father George Washington said that the greatest threat to American democracy would cone from Popes and Princes .Well you can always play let’s cover all the bases and play act to our demographic Cant you ?

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