Light Pillars Reveal Map Of City Over Finland

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light pillars

Incredible photo shows city reflected in the night sky over Finland by light pillars.

A Finnish woman, Mia Heikkiläv, captured the image of street lights glimmering in the night skies of the City of Kauttua/Eura.

Ice crystals reflected an exact reversed map of her town, in a process known as the light pillar phenomenon.light pillars

AOL Travel reports:

She gave details about the sighting on, writing: “Light pillars were visible in the sky, then more images appeared above. In the Taivaanvahti – site ( people gave hints to look if the pattern matches to local map. And there it was! Exact reversed light map of Kauttua, Eura on the sky. Now I call it #LuxEura.”

A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon which appears above or below a light source. Also known as the crystal beam phenomenon, it is created by the reflection of light from tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.light pillars

They are common in colder regions and are often viewed as towers of light in the sky.

Earlier this month, Sweden was surprised by the mysterious light pillars in shining over Stockholm.

Raitis Freimanis, 54, woke up to the unusual sight outside his window, with yellow and blue lights shining up from the ground.

Speaking to the Local he said: “I was thinking what the hell is this? At first I thought it was a floodlight or something, I thought to myself, why would they put up a floodlight at 5am?”


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