Dr. Fauci’s Boss Admits NIH Was Funding Wuhan Lab and ‘We Had No Control Over What They Were Doing’

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Dr. Fauci's boss admits NIH was funding Wuhan lab

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s boss admitted this week that the the National Institute of Health (NIH) helped fund the Wuhan lab in China.

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institute for Health (NIH), appears to have directly contradicted Fauci in a bombshell moment from an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday. 

Here is the full interview – Dr. Collins with Hugh Hewitt.

The National Pulse reports:

Well, we, when we give a grant, Hugh, it has terms attached to it of what it is that the grantee is supposed to be doing with those funds. And we require annual reports to see whether that in fact is what they have been doing. And we trust the grantee to be honest and not deceptive. The grant funds that went to Wuhan, which were a subcontract from Eco Health, were very specifically aimed to try to categorize viruses that they could isolate from bats in Chinese caves, which we had a good reason to want to know more about, given SARS and MERS that had come out of there. And so we basically had those criteria attached to the grant. And of course, the amount of money that we were providing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, I’m sure, was a tiny fraction of their total funding. And we had no control over what else they were doing with those funds. That’s another thing we’d like to know more about, and an investigation might potentially tell us.

Collins goes on to admit that the Chinese Communist Party is, in fact, involved in the Wuhan lab, but attempts to play down their influence.


  1. I’ve seen documentation showing that his wifes section the human experimentation section was also funding Wuhan through a different name .I’m pretty sure I didnt get copies ,but I’m pretty confident that us the case And they didnt do it with no knowledge of the research either

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