45-Year-Old Dolphin Recovering From Cancer Forced to Perform In Park

Fact checked

While many people enjoy watching these beautiful sea creatures perform their incredible water acrobatics, it seems one water park in Australia is pushing the boundaries of animal welfare. At Dolphin Marine Magic, Bucky, a 45 year-old dolphin in cancer remission is still made to perform in demeaning entertainment shows twice a day, 365 days a year. While the tourist park says it promotes conservation, there is strong evidence to suggest that it’s in violation of its exhibit license.

A Rehab and Rescue Facility?

Dolphin Marine Magic says it’s functioning as a rehab and rescue facility. But the park admits it lacks the space to take in sick or injured dolphins—a legal requirement under the NSW Dolphin Standards. Even the dolphin’s pool size falls well short of legal specifications. Which begs the question: why does Dolphin Marine Magic still allow dolphins to breed in its park, an activity that ensures whole new generations of dolphins to be born into captivity.

While two of the dolphins at the park were originally rescued from the wild, another four have been bred into a lifetime of exploitation. These beautiful sea creatures are forced to perform in demeaning shows, swim with and kiss strangers, and even give members of the public “rides.” Underscoring this exploitation is simple greed. The Australianrecently published an expose of Dolphin Marine Magic as being “driven by profit, not conservation.” The park’s CEO Paige Sinclair, responded by saying, “Every park in Australia that has any sort of animal would use it for conservation research, but also to entertain.”

Existing License Violated, New License Issued

While evidence suggests that Dolphin Marine Magic has violated the conditions set forth in its existing license, the park has been issued a new license, allowing it to continue operations for another year. All the more reason to make a stand. Please sign the petition asking the NSW Department of Primary Industries to take responsibility for the welfare of captive dolphins, and ensure that Dolphin Marine Magic meets the dolphin exhibition standards. If not, it should revoke the park’s license.

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Royce Christyn
Documentarian, Writer, Producer, Director, Author.