Stephen Colbert Examines Donald Trump

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Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert looks at Republican candidate Donald Trump’s recent loss in Tuesday’s Wisconsin presidential primary and his reluctance to talk about real issues.

Business Insider reports:

The “Late Show” host called Trump’s loss in the Badger State a “huge upset, because even if you voted for Ted Cruz you’re still pretty upset about it.”

So why did the real-estate mogul lose? Colbert joked that “analysts say Trump lost because of ‘things he said and done.'”

That’s broad. Always looking to dig deeper, the host found that “things he hasn’t said” about his plans if he were elected president may have hurt Trump, as well. But even when he details his plans, they tend to further show how little governmental knowledge he has.

Colbert pointed to Trump’s recent statements about the government agencies he’d eliminate as president, which included the “Department of Environmental” or “DEP.” The problem is there is no such governmental agency. (Instead, there’s the EPA.)

“We looked it up,” Colbert said, “and the ‘Department of Environmental’ does not exist, meaning either Trump is talking out of his ass, or he’s already eliminated it. That’s very impressive. And you know if that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before Trump eliminates all the other wasteful departments we don’t need because they don’t exist.”

Colbert then rattled off several hilarious examples of nonexistent agencies that Trump might want to dismantle, like the “Federal Bureau of Moneying” and “The Environmental Erection Agency.”

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