The Economist Slams Italy’s ‘Racist’ Football Team: ‘Too Many Italians – Where Are The Black Players?’

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The Economist slams Italy's football team as 'racist' because it has too many Italians and not enough players of color

The problem with the Italian football team is that there’s too many Italians on it, and not enough black people, according to The Economist newspaper.

Italy beat England 3-2 in a penalty shootout last Sunday, winning the UEFA European Championships for the first time since 1968.

However, while Italians were still celebrating, The Economist managed to find an obscure source of racism: the ethnic origins of the Italian team itself. 

“The most striking aspect of Italy’s 26-man squad before it took to the pitch was that, alone among the main contenders, it did not include a single player considered as being of color,” the article breathlessly stated.

“Although three were born in Brazil, they are of Italian descent.” reports: How Italy’s team ended up so shockingly full of Italians, The Economist continued, is explained by Italy’s citizenship laws. Basically, Italian citizenship is based on jus sanguinis (‘right of blood’): it is passed down from an Italian parent to an Italian child. Many countries around the world award citizenship this way, from Ireland to France to Japan. The opposite, jus soli (‘right of soil’ or ‘birthright citizenship’), grants citizenship to anyone born on a nation’s territory. The United States awards citizenship this way.

Anyway, the end result is that Italians play on the Italian team. But they’re not just any Italians, The Economist continued, they’re bad Italians who were “ambivalent” about taking a knee before their games – a bizarre gesture imported from the US in the wake of the ethno-narcissistic Black Lives Matter movement.

Not only that, by winning the championship, the Italian team made right-wing politicians in Italy happy, which of course is a crime.

The article was slated online. “Would the Economist ever write a story that African teams in the World Cup didn’t have white players or the Asian teams didn’t have black players?” American conservative Ryan Girdusky tweeted.

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