Van Morrison Is Being Blacklisted For His Latest Act Of ‘WrongThink’

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Van Morrison

The legendary singer-songwriter Van Morrison is being blacklisted for daring to release songs that blast the governments lock down policies and protest against fascism.

Last year 75 year old Morrison started to speak out against the coronavirus lockdowns, which states like Texas and Florida have since exposed as anti-science.

In December he tweeted “Those who are shutting down our economy haven’t missed a paycheck since lockdown began. We are not in this together”. In another tweet, he added, “10 months on and the @niexecutive still hasn’t presented the science for the Northern Ireland lockdown.”

Breitbart reports: In September of last year, Morrison released three songs blasting the world governments’ lockdown policies.  In November, Morrison teamed up with fellow legend Eric Clapton for “Stand and Deliver,” another song attacking lockdowns.

Naturally, Morrison and Clapton were vilified by the anti-science Woke Gestapo, especially those who  infest the establishment media. Well, now, and only because he’s all kinds of awesome, Morrison has released “They Own the Media,” a blistering critique of the fake news media. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

They tell us that ignorance is bliss
I guess by those that control the media, it is
They own the media, they control the stories we are told
If you ever try to go against them, you will be ignored

They control the narrative, they perpetuate the myth
Keep on telling you lies, tell you ignorance is bliss
Believe it all and you’ll never get the truth
Never get wise, wise through their lies

All true. Every word, true; and this is an artist actually being brave, not pretending to be brave as the establishment gushes over him…

Here’s the full song:

And so, now the blacklisting of Van Morrison has begun with the usual-usual racist/crazy/stupid narrative the establishment uses to destroy those guilty of WrongThink.

Here’s a sample…

Far-left Variety: “‘They Own the Media’: The 10 Craziest Lyrics From Van Morrison’s Latest Album”

His new release, the double album “Latest Record Project, Vol. 1,” spans over two hours and consists of a series of bizarre rants and blues numbers that criticize millennial culture, Facebook, the mainstream media, psychiatrists, judges and, with no apparent irony, people who bitch.

The new album came under fire before it was even released, with the song title “They Own the Media” accused of mirroring a common antisemitic trope, although he leaves unspoken who the media-controlling “they” are in the lyrics.

For good measure, Variety added that “Van Morrison put the ‘crazy’ in ‘Crazy Love’” and “his recent tracks have often been invoked in the same breath as ‘tinfoil hat.’”

The far-left L.A. Times: “After riling fans with anti-lockdown songs, Van Morrison now accused of anti-Semitism.”

“Latest Record Project, Vol. 1,” a new two-hour, 28-track double album, doesn’t include those tunes. Instead, it veers off in a conspiratorially cranky direction with songs titled “The Long Con,” “Big Lie,” “Why Are You on Facebook” and “Stop Bitching. Do Something.”

The far-left Guardian: “Van Morrison: Latest Record Project Volume 1 review – depressing rants by tinfoil milliner.”

The far-left Rolling Stone: “Van Morrison’s ‘Latest Record Project’ Is a Delightfully Terrible Study in Casual Grievance.”

His repetition sounds less like the trance-like mysticism of a Caledonia poet and more like a furious customer demanding a refund.

Morrison’s new record bears a strange resemblance to the unhinged, rambling feel of the pandemic-era internet: more often than not, its 28 tracks come across as a collection of shitposts, subtweets, and Reddit rants set to knockoff John Lee Hooker grooves.

This is how modern-day blacklisting works… Although plenty of left-wing artists have released songs every bit as blatantly political as what Morrison has, because his protest songs are guilty of WrongThink, because he’s protesting against fascism instead of lobbying in favor of it, he’s being eviscerated and turned into something socially unacceptable —  not for the quality of the music, but for his message.

Suddenly after a 50-year career, he’s a bigot with no talent, a crazy, a tinfoil hat-wearer, dangerous, scary, off his rocker, uninformed, and dangerous.

We’ve seen this a million times. As soon as an Oscar-winner like Jon Voight or a world-class comedian like Dennis Miller come out of the closet as right-leaning, they can no longer act, they are no longer funny, and they’re raciststupidcrazies no one would dare work with.

As far as I’m concerned, Morrison and Clapton and Who frontman Roger Daltrey are three of the very few artists from the 60s and 70s who have remained true to what that era was supposed to stand for, which, if boiled down to a word, is Individualism. The rest, like the decrepit Rolling Stones, have completely sold out to The Man.


  1. People are so thoroughly scientifically brainwashed it’s no wonder they’re lost sheep .And all done from the moral authority for rule by law .Corporate law or corporation which is fascism and ultimately based on hiding the fact that’s its communism ,by deceiving rbe world using greed us hood as the smokescreen ,and what’s in it for me and show me the money to deceive the whole world about the real agenda . Global communism protected bt fascist police state powers and ruled by dumb arsed brainwashed deceived half wits who believe in ” equality ” . Morons like Obomber who made it legal to use propaganda to deceive Americans in schools ,the news rhe media everywhere even in the evangelical cults and the old school churches .

    • Corporatism which is fascism which is really an almost 3xclusively Catholic country ideology ,spain and Italy both using it .And the Vatican invented communism, not karl marx at all .The catholics were practicing communism in all if their minastries and convents throughout the e tire history if the Vatican where it is the centralised commu ust government that owns everything and tbe workers ,nuns and priests own nothing and are happy .Got it ?

  2. See how many of the critics are Catholics or Catholic schooled/ educated .I wouldn’t be surprised to find a high proportion actually either writing editing or owning the media reporting the tinfoil milliner .Eg Penske Media that also owns Rolling Stone and Variety was educated at St Mary’s Prepatory.

    • And the thing people mostly dont even know that since all churchs religions accepted the Pope as their leade about 20 years ago , it makes little difference anymore which brand name of religious school you went to they’re all under the same Governor or Steward .All in it together. And it is basically a secret .

  3. And the correct term isnt wrong think that s the new world orders dumb and dumber slang for Heresy .The disguise .

  4. CBS records owns 99% of american artistes/rights half the store half the houses and 100% of the goverment.EVer have a CBS fake cop try to kill you?-me too many times to count or remember.The underground was killed in the 1960`s sound scan earth mics god view mean zero rights for anyone.He`s still trying to drum up a dime bag at 75 CBS don`t take care of their people

  5. If you ever want to work for free the rest of your life or get bumped off in a fire arm on set accident and dumped in a remote old well just go to work for CBS or hallmark films IF you are a son of howard hughes

  6. Anti-semantic tribe: Protest against Marxist Bolshevism, the hidden hand that squeezes all the willing glands, but then Protocol for those who understand.

  7. THEY, those who control the media, are the ones who agree that you and I are useless eaters, in the way of their agenda to rewild America and get on with bringing the global population in line with the Georgia guidestones.

  8. It’s funny–“They Own the Media,” and the chosen tribe assumes he’s speaking of them because they own the media–yet on their own assumption that he’s talking about them even though he doesn’t mention them, they decide that he’s being Anti-Semitic. That is an Olympian leap of logic worthy of a gold medal. Of course, they’d say it was their gold stolen from the teeth of the six million of their ancestors who somehow didn’t make it through the Holocaust, thereby leaving millions and millions of survivors.

    Sorry. I got dizzy there for a minute trying to keep track of the logic. I need to go sit down.

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