FDA Asks Court To Delay Release Of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Data…..Again

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In November 2021 the FDA, who had always vowed “full transparency”about the ‘safe and effective’ covid jabs, asked a federal judge to grant it until 2076 to fully release Pfizer’s vaccine data.

Having asserted that it would take 55 years to release the full data, in December the FDA’S estimation was then extended by another two decades!

However in January a federal judge rejected the FDA’s request and ordered them to accelerate the publication of documents related to the pfizer jab from the requested 500 pages per month to 55,000 per month…. and to start doing so from March 1. 

Now, the FDA has asked the Court for another delay. The agency wants until May to start producing the first batch of papers….if they are able to…

Aaron Siri reports: Since the government has trillions of dollars of our money, it is putting it to good use by fighting to assure that the public has the least amount of transparency possible.  To that end, it has now asked the Court to make the public wait until May for it to start producing 55,000 pages per month and, even then, claims it may not be able to meet this rate. 

The FDA’s excuse?  As explained in the brief opposing the FDA’s request, the FDA’s defense effectively amounts to claiming that the 11 document reviewers it has already assigned and the 17 additional reviewers being onboarded are only capable of reading at the speed of preschoolers. 


As the FDA tries to obtain months of delay, guess who just showed upon in the lawsuit?  Yep, Pfizer.  And it is represented by a global chair and team from a law firm with thousands of lawyers.  Pfizer’s legal bill will likely be multiple times what it would cost the FDA to simply hire a private document review company to review, redact, and produce the documents at issue.  Within weeks, if not days.

Pfizer is coming in as a third party.  But Pfizer assures the Court it is here to help expedite production of the documents.  Sure it is!  Where was Pfizer before the Court ordered the 55,000 pages per month?  Right, doing what it normally does: letting the government work on its behalf – like the way the government mandates, promotes, and defends Pfizer’s product. 

But the government did not please Pfizer this time and so here it comes, likely looking for a second bite at the apple.  Of course the FDA consented to Pfizer appearing.  You can read the response my firm filed to Pfizer’s motion , as well as all of the other relevant recent filings in the link provided below. 

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