Fearmongering Over Covid & Climate Change Are ‘Exactly the Same Thing!’ Says Ron Paul

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Ron Paul

Dr. Ron Paul has pointed out that establishment fearmongering over Covid and climate change are both exactly the same.

The former congressman and presidential candidate, was giving his response to a story about nurses, who made dancing videos during the pandemic, now doing the same thing but about climate change.

He says: “I was asked which one was worse, this distortion about the mandates for COVID or the climate change people? Which one has accomplished more and why are they different? That sort of thing. They’re exactly the same thing!”

Below is part of the Zero Hedge article referenced in the video:

Dancing COVID Nurses That Supported Draconian Mandates Switch To Climate Change

Perhaps one of the most unsettling narrative relationships during the covid pandemic lockdowns was the assertion by various governments, think-tanks and media pundits that the mandates weren’t just good for “stopping the spread,” they were also good for “saving the environment” from what they claim will be inevitable Apocalyptic climate change. While the covid agenda has all but disappeared thanks to millions of people and half the states in the US rejecting the restrictions, climate hysteria is still alive and well.

One of the most obnoxious trends in covid propaganda was the constant TikTok dance videos. Dancing politicians, dancing talk show hosts and dancing nurses all telling us to comply while frolicking around like maniacs. Well, it’s not over, because the dancing covid nurses are back, and now they’re here to tell us that accepting carbon controls is just as important as the mandates.

Beyond the numerous question on how nurses managed to have time to make so many group TikToks if the hospitals were “overrun” with patients dying of covid as the media asserted for the first year of the pandemic, we must also ask: If they lied about the effectiveness of the mandates, why should we listen to them about climate change?

And here is the ridiculous nurse video:

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