YouTube CEO Slams Russell Brand: ‘Independent Media Must Be Banished Forever’

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YouTube CEO vows to banish independent media forever

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has declared that independent journalists and creators will soon be banished from the platform following Google’s decision to censor Russell Brand’s channel.

“If creators have off-platform behavior, or there’s off-platform news that could be damaging to the broader creator ecosystem, you can be suspended from our monetization program,” Mohan said in an interview with CBS Mornings co-host Tony Dokoupil.

“It’s impacted a number of creators and personalities on the platform in the past. And that’s what played out in this particular case around the serious allegations,” the YouTube CEO said. reports: After being asked how YouTube decides when to step in and hinder a user’s account before due process has even played out, Mohan said, “We endeavor to apply those rules, equally across our entire creator ecosystem.

The YouTube CEO went on to insist that the platform was “not playing favorites.”

“Not playing favorites, having them apply to the content, the behavior, as opposed to who the person is,” he said.

Brand, who is estimated to earn more than $1.2 million a year from the advertising revenue on his YouTube videos, had his account demonetized by the platform following allegations of sexual assault — which the actor vehemently denies.

Under the new terms, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star is still allowed to post videos to YouTube, but he will not receive any of the advertising revenue.

Some people believe that YouTube’s decision to strip Brand’s channel of monetization is an extreme response, given that the actor has due process and the situation that hasn’t even played itself out yet. Moreover, there have been no criminal charges filed, and no legal decisions related to the claims have been made.

“If a creator’s off-platform behavior harms our users, employees or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community. This decision applies to all channels that may be owned or operated by Russell Brand,” YouTube said in a statement when it announced the demonetization.


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  1. If it is for moral reasons, then it is logical to apply the law in all matters and on everyone. If it is for other goals, laws should be accountable first.

  2. Heres a clue ,Citibank owns out channel 9 and they had on last night an hour long special ” Exposing Russel Brand ”
    Meanwhile the Gabby Cabby explained that whilst wngland was running wall to wall Brand slams they pushed their internet censorship act .

    • And because Brand presents to a 14 year old audience he’s not allowed The whole world has to be brainwashed into believing being 8 year olds is grown up.

  3. The thing that will ruin you tube is its censorship Everything has to be suitable for children There’s no adult history or politics or news or anything allowed It all has to be like grade 3 primary school books .

  4. There is virtually zero independent media To be independent means to be financially independent .
    Even if you own a few sites that doesn’t make you independent if your wealth relies on your approval by your secret society members .If you bow down to upper classes and need their acceptance to maintain your lifestyle then you aren’t independent .There’s virtually no one who is independent .Really
    Even Charles gas to have the people’s approval to stay King ,he us legally there at their sufferance And he needs parliament’s approval to give him his income .He needs the church’s approval to keep the people’s approval etc etc etc .
    Satan is independent ib this stage This stage us not Jesus s Kingdom .But Satanists need his approval too .
    So this rubbish about jndependent media is drivel spewed by ignorance

  5. Right in line with Saul Alinsky – “Control the narrative to control the people.” The cabal does everything it can to stop & hide the truth. The good news is that it’s impossible to do that as truth ALWAYS comes out even if delayed. And we’re living in the time where truth is being revealed.

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