Hillary Clinton ‘Lying For 13 Minutes Straight’ Video, Goes Viral

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Hillary Clinton

The following footage shows Hillary Clinton ‘changing her mind’ on a number of key issues like the same-sex marriage, universal healthcare, links to big banks and foreign policy experience.

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The Independent reports:

The video starts off on same sex marriage, and how Ms Clinton did not publicly support it until 2013.

In 2004, she said marriage is “a sacred bond between a man and a woman”.

A decade later, she said: “I support it personally and as a matter of policy.“

Ms Clinton also claimed she had landed in Bosnia in the 1990s “amid sniper fire”, contrary to news footage.

She appeared to give mixed messages on NAFTA, and placed blame on homebuyers, rather than banks, for the housing crisis in 2007.

An issue that has dogged the Democrat during the 2016 election campaign was her misuse of her personal email account for work-related correspondence. Speaking to the US Security Council, she said there were over 60,000 emails in total, half of which were work-related and went to the state department, and half were personal.

Yet the inspector general report found that less than 1 per cent of Ms Clinton’s work emails were in the state email system.

The YouTube video by Michael Johnston will likely exacerbate Mrs Clintons low polling numbers in terms of trustworthiness and honesty. Mr Johnston points out that the footage, which has been viewed almost 7.5 million times, was not intended as a “pro-Trump video” and he was actually working on a similar video for the Republican presumptive nominee


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