Top Embalmer Reveals 50% of Bodies Contain “White, Fibrous” Clots Since 2021

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Embalmer reveals over 50 percent of bodies now contain fibrous blood clots since jab rollout

One of America’s top embalmer’s has revealed that over 50% of bodies now contain mysterious “white, fibrous” clots since the jab rollout.

In an interview with podcaster Brian Lupo, embalmer Richard Hirschman reveals that the clots began appearing in large numbers of bodies around April 2021. reports: Last week, I traveled to Huntsville, AL to attend a Focus On America event featuring some tremendous Patriots who are speaking out against the COVID-19 “vaccines”.  They included Lt. Col. Teresa Long, Lt. Col. David “T-bone” Trombly, Dr. James Thorp, Clay Parikh, Prof. David Clements, Dr. Peter McCullough, and the guest featured in this interview, trade embalmer Richard Hirschman.

Hirschman had a role in the hit-documentary “Died Suddenly” was released in late 2022 and has garnered almost 19 million views.  It is a fascinating account of anomalies being found in deceased humans since the roll-out of these experimental vaccines and more.

The Gateway Pundit reported on these anomalous “white fibrous clots” back in September 2022 but in this interview, we get into some of the details of what Hirschman has seen, the astronomical numbers he’s seeing these issues in, and much more!



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  1. Yes we know We don’t know what they are though or what’s caused them. We can speculate that’s 50 % of people who died had a jab and the same 50 % had clots But we don’t know apparently.
    And if they do or did know then they’re pretty hopeless at explaining themselves.

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