Attorney Releases ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence mRNA Is Designed To ‘Continue Killing For Generations’

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Attorney Thomas Renz has released smoking gun evidence the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine technology was designed to continue killing for generations with the purpose of reducing the global population.

The leading US attorney surveyed the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) “Guidance for Industry” documents and uncovered bombshell evidence of pre-meditated murder on an industrial scale.

“There’s no other conclusion that I can draw … This is the smoking gun evidence that proves they knew that the gene therapy products they masqueraded as ‘vaccines’ had the ability to shed, cause cancer and kill,” said Renz.

Renz began by explaining that mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are not actually vaccines per se. “It’s critical that people understand that the covid-19 injections are gene therapy,” he wrote in an article published this week.

He then guided his audience through evidence indicating that U.S. authorities were aware that individuals who received COVID vaccinations might transmit the virus to others, through vaccine shedding, including those who had not given their consent to be vaccinated.

Renz proceeded to illustrate how there was prior knowledge, dating back to at least 2006, that the gene therapy would lead to an explosion in the development of cancer. This was substantiated by a 2023 study on individuals experiencing “long COVID.”

In addition to their questionable by Big Pharma, regulators, and complicit governments, Renz brought attention to a scientific paper revealing that the proposed remedy for the issues caused by the cancer-inducing effects of COVID injections is yet another gene therapy product.

Alarmingly, recipients of this therapy also possess the potential to transmit the illness to others, creating a potential death spiral for humanity in the near future.

“This demonstrates a conspiracy,” Renz concluded.

Renz has consistently alerted the public that the so-called “vaccines” are essentially gene therapy products.

Major pharmaceutical companies and global governments were aware that these gene therapy products carried the risk of causing cancer, even years post-injection, according to Renz’s writings.

A document, once again issued by the FDA, HHS, and CBER in 2006, disclosed that gene therapy products posed a risk of adverse effects on normal cell function, with potential delays in manifestation for months or years, along with the integration of genetic material into the genomes of recipients.

Study subjects exposed to gene transfer technology may be at risk of delayed adverse events … persistent biological activity could have adverse effects upon normal cell function, placing subjects at risk for development of adverse events, some of which may be delayed by months or years.

Factors likely to increase the risk of delayed adverse events following exposure to gene transfer technology include persistence of the viral vector, integration of genetic material into the host genome, prolonged expression of the transgene, and altered expression of the host’s genes … Integration of genetic material from a viral vector into the host cell genomic DNA raises the risk of malignant transformation.

Prolonged expression of the transgene may also be associated with long-term risks resulting from unregulated cell growth and malignant transformation, autoimmune-like reaction to self-antigens, and unpredictable adverse events. Altered expression of the host genes could also result in unpredictable and undesirable biologic events. [Emphasis added]

Guidance for Industry: Gene Therapy Clinical Trials – Observing Subjects for Delayed Adverse Events, November 2006, pg. 2 and 3

Malignant transformation” refers to the process through which healthy cells become cancerous. 

Despite the mountain of rock-solid evidence, fact checkers are still attempting to convince the gullible masses that mRNA vaccines do not change your DNA, asserts Renz.

Moreover, Renz highlighted a study conducted in 2023 that scrutinized the cellular DNA of individuals experiencing “long COVID.”

The researchers identified genes distinctively associated with the Pfizer COVID BNT162b2 “vaccine” in the blood cells of participants. Renz stated, “Their discoveries provide evidence that mRNA COVID vaccines permanently integrate into the DNA of certain individuals who have received the COVID vaccination.” He explained:

“Simply put, the regulatory agencies knew that these products could integrate into the host genome, cause cancer (malignant transformation), autoimmune disorders and adverse events years after the fact. Also, consider that even when these products do not integrate into the genome, the continual exposure due to the shedding (discussed above) may increase the risk of cancer.”

Killing technology

“They created a gene therapy product, marketed it as a ‘vaccine’ then schemed, coerced, bribed and lied to get it into as many arms as possible.”

“They knew it could cause cancer – years after injection – and now that there is an epidemic of cancer, amazingly they have a ‘solution’ ready to go,” he said.

And “their solution is another gene therapy product that sheds!”

As proof, Renz cited a paper published in the prestigious academic journal Nature Cancer Gene Therapy in 2015 which stated:

The rapidly changing field of gene therapy promises a number of innovative treatments for cancer patients. Advances in genetic modification of cancer and immune cells and the use of oncolytic viruses and bacteria have led to numerous clinical trials for cancer therapy, with several progressing to late-stage product development.

This article discusses the different types of CGT [Cancer gene therapy] cancer products that OCTGT [Office of Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapies] regulates …

CGT products present the possibility of viral or bacterial shedding, that is, excretion/secretion of viral particles or bacteria that could be transmitted to other individuals. Although product-based viruses and bacteria may not be as infectious or as virulent as the parent strain of a virus or bacterium, the possibility of transmission raises safety concernsAn analysis of data collected from patients in clinical gene therapy trials demonstrated that shedding of viral vectors occurs in practice, and is mainly determined by the type of vector and the route of vector administration. A qualitative model presented in the study can help to determine the risk of shedding occurring via the different excretion routes.

Husain, S., Han, J., Au, P. et al. Gene therapy for cancer: regulatory considerations for approval. Cancer Gene Ther 22, 554–563 (2015).

As Renz argues, this makes a mockery of informed consent.

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