Italian Gov’t Orders Businesses Not to Pay Unvaccinated Workers

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Italy orders companies to withhold pay from unvaccinated workers

The Italian government is now ordering private businesses to withhold pay from workers who refuse to take the Covid vaccine as part of an attempt to impoverish non-compliant citizens.

A recent decree mandated that all employees get the vaccine ‘green pass’, which led to questions about what would happen to the millions of Italians who refuse to take the shot.

In a desperate attempt to avoid potential legal action, the Italian government directed companies not to fire unvaccinated workers, but simply not pay them.

“Instead, they should be considered to be on an unjustified absence and have their wages or salaries withheld,” Ken Macon writes.

“Those found to be working without a vaccine passport could be punished with fines of up to €1,500. Additionally, the government said it would not cater for the test costs for those who would prefer not to take the vaccine.” reports: Even those who have had the virus, recovered and developed anti-bodies will still have to get at least one dose of the vaccine, presumably just as a performative show of compliance.

Italy extended its vaccine passport scheme to schools and universities on September 1st.

Teachers were told they faced being fired if they didn’t take it and students were mandated to take it to attend classes.

The unvaccinated were also banned from using long distance public transport, meaning that holidays, travel for work and visiting relatives has become impossible for many.

Venues such as museums, stadiums, theaters gyms, and indoor seating spaces at bars and restaurants all require vaccine identification and businesses can be fined thousands of euros for not enforcing the rules.

The ‘green pass’ in Italy also tracks an individual’s location, once again emphasizing how it’s a digital ID card on steroids.


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  2. The other thing the government ordered about 10 12 years ago was, after the Prosecutors Office was flooded with police complaints of Satanism spreading throughout the nation, was a total ban on the Prosecutors to instigate any criminal cases pursuant to any evidence presented by police onto Satanic activities. A total ban and I believe they quietly ordered the msm to not report any such news either. Ordered a total ban on exposing Satanic acts.

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  3. And yet people still act like the NWO is a conspiracy theory.
    They RUINED italy. That country grows some of the best quality food & HAD some of the best qualities of living. And see how easily the NWO destroyed that.
    Meanwhile mandates arent laws..

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