Lara Logan Drops Truth Bombs Live On Air: Globalist Elite ‘Dine on Blood of Children’

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The Newsmax cable news outlet has severed ties with Lara Logan after the former “60 Minutes” correspondent dropped a series of truth bombs live on air. It's official: the mainstream media cannot handle the truth.

The Newsmax cable news outlet has severed ties with Lara Logan after the former “60 Minutes” correspondent dropped a series of truth bombs live on air. It’s official: the mainstream media cannot handle the truth.

According to Lara Logan, who is an award-winning former war correspondent, the Davos crowd and world leaders “dine on the blood of children.”

Logan was interviewed Wednesday by Newsmax host Eric Bolling, who anchors a show called “The Balance.”

Bolling invited Logan to his program to discuss global elites and their recent shift towards hard left authoritarian policies. He then asked Logan about the situation along the southern border, where droves of undocumented migrants have been crossing into the United States.

That was Logan’s cue to stop reading from the official script and start telling the truth.

Social media was immediately up in arms with the woke mob demanding Lara Logan’s head on a platter. And Newsmax immediately caved in to the baying mob, condemning Lara Logan and promising never to give her airtime again.

“Newsmax condemns in the strongest terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan and her views do not reflect our network,” Newsmax said in a statement to the Daily Beast. “We have no plans to interview her again.”

But what did Lara say that was a lie?

To those who are calling for Lara to be canceled, perhaps you should do some research into the Dutroux Affair in Europe. The details of this disturbing episode will fill you in on all you need to know about the global elite. It isn’t a conspiracy. It is known. It isn’t a secret whatsoever.

If the Dutroux Affair isn’t enough to convince you, then do some research into the Franklin Scandal. Or the nursery scandal in California in the 80’s. The Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Marina Abramovic and Spirit cooking. The list goes on and on.

Make no mistake, they do want us eating bugs and roaches. The New World Order maintains the goal of open borders. Remember the Tower of Babel? Have you seen the painting of the Tower of Babel?

Have you seen the architecture of the EU parliament?

Again I ask you, where did Lara Logan lie? What happened to the kids in Haiti?

The media didn’t always shut down discussion about drinking the blood of children. In the 1800s it was permissible. The Mackay Mercury and South Kennedy Advertiser reported that Cincinnati had its “blood drinkers” just like New York City.

The journalist, who obviously sampled a taste of blood himself, wrote that it tasted like the “richest cream warm, with a tart sweetness, and the strength of a pure wine.”

“It was a draught simply delicious, sweeter than any concoction of the chemist, the confectioner, the wine maker”, he went on, before suggesting that it was the “occasional indulgence in the draught of human blood” that caused the cruelties of certain Roman emperors.

Are we really to believe that people in the 1800s in America were drinking children’s blood, and Roman emperors were indulging in the occasional draught, but the global elite in today’s world do not?

There are statues all over Europe, hundreds of years old, depicting the act. This is the Child Eater of Bern, a stone’s throw from the headquarters of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Why did dementia-stricken Joe Biden answer a question about Democratic party beliefs by asking if there were “people in the Republican party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?”

Do your research before leveling uninformed slander against Lara Logan.


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