Pakistan Threatens To Use Nuclear Weapons If India Attacks

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Pakistan Threatens To Use Nuclear Weapons If India Attacks

Pakistan has announced that it will use all the weapons at its disposal to defend the country and that includes nuclear weapons.

Pakistani officials threatened to use nuclear weapons should India invade, following a statement by an Indian army chief saying they would attack Pakistan in the case of a terrorist incident.

One of the officials told the Financial Times: “If ever our national security is threatened by advancing foreign forces, Pakistan will use all of its weapons — and I mean all of our weapons — to defend our country”

Sputnik news reports:

Pakistan is one of the countries that possesses nuclear weapons.

Earlier this month, Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat spoke about the existence of a “cold start,” a strategy that enables the army to instantly respond to crises, such as militant attacks, without letting the enemy prepare or triggering a nuclear response.

Since the establishment of India and Pakistan after the British India dissolution, the two states have had territorial dispute over the Kashmir region. The tensions rose after the Indian army base at Uri in Kashmir was attacked in September last year, with 19 soldiers being killed. India responded by conducting surgical strikes on the border with Pakistan.

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  1. Well I guess the Pakistani men will have to take a break from open pedophilia to launch those nukes. Bad for the world, but good for all those little boys.

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