Watch Anti Trump Protests In Washington, DC

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Anti Trump protests

Police used tear gas and arrested dozens of rioters as anti trump protests erupted in Washington, D.C., on the day Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th president.

Donald Trump’s inauguration is being celebrated by his supporters and protested by his detractors.

Anti Media reports:

A broad coalition of anti-Trump protesters have descended upon Washington D.C. and every major city in the U.S.

Below is an updating compilation of live videos showing unrest from the ground in Washington (refresh the page to see the latest video updates):

By Nick Bernabe

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  1. What the world needs to know, if they don’t already, is that these protesters are among less that 5% of the nation as a good estimate and that most. All are either paid or benefit in someway from the protest. As an example actors only pay 10% on their earned income while the common people of the nation pay 30% and more. Annually they make millions which makes 1 20% difference in taxes a big deal.

    Soros is still paying for much of the destruction. Most Americans 95% believe in Mr Trump OUR new President. When needed, if needed they will fight for him; but do not take to the streets in violence to make a point. We are standing back and allowing the police to bring peace to the cities. Our interference would only clog the streets and make the police job more difficult.

    We are confident Mr Trump will make America great again and are confident he will build bridges and strong relationships with countries around the world. Finally, we have an honest, straight talking President that understands courtesy and humility. He talks and and listens to everyone with kindness; what a great way to start a friendship. He also knows how to deal with an unrelenting opposition. A great friend to have, not so smart to have as and adversary. If he says he has your back, you know he is there!

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