Woke British Police Officer Threatens To Arrest Christian Woman Singing Hymns in Public

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British police officer threatens to arrest Christians singing hymns in public

Video footage of a ‘woke’ British police officer ordering a Christian to stop singing hymns in public has gone viral.

The officer is seen in the video telling 20 year old performer Harmonie London that she is “not allowed to sing church songs outside of church grounds.”

Modernity.news reports: The young singer, who has an impressive online following, protested against the claim, telling the officer “You are, you are, you are.”

The officer continued to bizarrely claim that gospel songs cannot be sung on the street “unless you have been authorised by the church to do these kind of songs”.

“That’s a load of rubbish,” the singer responded, adding that hassling her and making up fake laws based on her religion goes against her human rights.

The officer then attempted to walk off, bizarrely sticking her tongue out at the camera and laughing.

The original video is here:

There are no laws in the UK preventing religious songs being sung in public, and Oxford Street is a sanctioned busking area.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson commented that they are “working to understand the context in which these comments were made.”

One wonders if this would have been an issue had it been a different religion in question.

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