NYC Secret Tunnel Synagogue Linked To Child Sexual Abuse For 30 Years

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The New York City Jewish Chabad secret tunnel temple has been linked to child sexual abuse for at least 30 years, which it refused to report to proper authorities.

The Jewish Chabad movement, which dug tunnels in New York City which were revealed to be holding a small soiled mattress and a high chair, has a dark history of pedophilia within its executive branch.

In 1991, one of the Chabad movement’s most prominent members, Hirschel Pekkar, who created the famous Chabad Menorah, admitted to “doing things that shouldn’t be done” to a 5-year-old girl, after she accused him of child sexual abuse.

Despite the admission, Pekkar faced no legal action and no further scrutiny. The situation was kept within the Chabad movement, with a rabbinical court ordering Pekkar to be treated by an “expert counselor.”

Video footage from New York City shows a small stained mattress being pulled from the illegal tunnel that was discovered beneath a Crown Heights, Brooklyn synagogue, where photographs show that, among other things, multiple stained mattresses were located in the underground lair.

What’s more, is that a high chair is seen in a photograph of the tunnel system, which was sealed off by NYC authorities and reportedly filled with concrete, burying and destroying any potential evidence related to additional crimes possibly committed underground.

A riot broke out and a dozen men were arrested at the New York City synagogue that serves as the headquarters of the Orthodox Jewish Chabad movement when Jewish students tried to stop the NYPD and a team of construction workers from sealing off the illegal tunnel system dug beneath the building, reportedly to connect the synagogue to the site of a Jewish men’s ritual bath.
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