Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour Arrested At Paul Ryan’s Office

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On Tuesday while protesting for Dreamers rights outside of Speaker Paul Ryan's office, women's march leader Linda Sarsour was arrested.

On Tuesday while protesting for Dreamers rights outside of Speaker Paul Ryan’s office, women’s march leader Linda Sarsour was arrested.

Sarsour, in the past, has said some pretty extreme and idiotic things. She has called for ‘Jihad‘ against members in the White House, and she even stated that terrorism isn’t an ‘epidemic.’ You can see why the left chose her to represent them in the march for women’s rights…

From The Daily Caller:

Authorities arrested Linda Sarsour at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s office Monday while demanding Ryan meet with her and others protesting current inaction on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) program.

An outspoken Muslim activist, advocate of Sharia law and co-chair of the Women’s March, Sarsour — along with Zahra Billoo and Omar Suleiman, Dawud Walid, Talib Shareef, Nihad Awad and Mujahid Fletcher from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — were arrested for civil disobedience according to MSN.com

“We don’t want to live based on fear. We want to live according to the principles of freedom of speech, of religion,” said Fletcher, an immigrant from Columbia who doesn’t want to see DACA end.

The Trump administration announced six months ago that there would be a phaseout of the questionable DACA program. During the phaseout period, Congress was supposed to come up with a better deal for the Dreamers, yet Democrats shot down every idea that was run past them.

Other left wing immigrant rights activists have even gone so far as to withdraw their membership from the Democratic party. Maybe they are starting to realize that the Democrats don’t actually care about the Dreamers… They just want the votes.

On Monday, dozens of Dreamers blockaded the entrance to the DNC office in Washington, and many immigrant rights activists withdrew their membership in the Democratic party to show their opposition to the way DACA is going.

If the Democrats don’t fix their problems with their own voter base, Dreamer votes isn’t going to be the only thing they have to worry about…


  1. Her cell needs to be next to the rest of her family who Are already in prison for terrorisim. Why is a woman who supports terrorisim and shariah leading a protest by people many of who have already committed crimes by entering our country illegally?

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