Iran Offers Scholarships To US & European Students Expelled Over Anti-Israel Protests

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Two Iranian universities have offered scholarships to students in the US and Europe student who have been expelled for taking part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Mohammad Moazzeni, who runs Shiraz University in the Fars province offered scholarships to students expelled from U.S. and European universities over anti-Israel protests

He reportedly offered students and professors who have been expelled or threatened with expulsion in the US to continue their studies in Iran.

This was followed on Thursday when the dean of Shahid Beheshti University, Mahmoud Aghamiri, also said scholarships would be offered to American and European students expelled for supporting Palestine.

Aghamiri said: “We accept students who have been expelled from European and American universities for protesting against the actions of the Zionists….We have considered scholarship for these students and we fully cover the cost of education, dormitory and accommodation.”

Press TV reports:US and European students have been facing arrest or expulsion following their actions in support of a ceasefire in Gaza and the divestment of their universities from companies which support Israel.

Demonstrators have gathered on at least 30 US university campuses since last month, often erecting tent camps to protest the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip. University campuses in Australia, Canada, France, Italy and the UK have also been the scene of pro-Palestinian protests.

On Thursday, students at campuses across the UK set up encampments demanding that their academic institutions divest from companies involved in the arms trade to Israel. 

Around 100 pro-Palestinian students occupied the entrance hall of a building of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in Switzerland, demanding an academic boycott of Israeli institutions and an immediate and permanent ceasefire to the war in Gaza.

In the United States, hundreds of helmeted police swarmed the site of a pro-Palestinian protest at the University of California at Los Angeles, firing flash bangs, arresting demonstrators and dismantling their encampment.

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