Former UK PM Boris Johnson Turned Away From Polling Station For Not Having ID

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Caught out by his very own photo ID law!

Boris Johnson

Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson was turned away from a polling station this week after forgetting to bring proper identification to vote.

It was Johnson himself who in 2022 introduced the contentious requirement for voters to show photo ID before voting.

Yet he still managed to run afoul of his own rules when he attempted to cast a vote in the UK’s local elections on Thursday!

Staff were forced to turn Johnson away but he returned later with the proper paperwork and cast his vote.

The Independent reports: Boris Johnson thanked three villagers who turned the former prime minister away from a polling station on Thursday for attempting to vote without a valid ID.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Johnson said he attempted to use a copy of Prospect magazine as a form of identification, but was turned away by local electorate officials.

Mr Johnson wrote: “I want to pay a particular tribute to the three villagers who on Thursday rightly turned me away when I appeared in the polling station with nothing to prove my identity except the sleeve of my copy of Prospect magazine, on which my name and address had been printed.

“I showed it to them and they looked very dubious… within minutes I was back with my driving licence and voted Tory.”

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