NYPD: Threat Of Terrorists With Drones Is A Growing Concern

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From an article in CBS NYC:  Top NYPD counterterrorism officials have warned that a possible new tool for terrorists could have a chilling effect on New York City.

The concern is over the use of drones, and for the first time, a top NYPD official publicly acknowledged why there is growing concern.

NYPD Deputy Chief Salvatore DiPace spoke exclusively with CBS News Correspondent Jeff Pegues, who asked whether drones could be used for chemical weapons.

“If the technology is there,” the answer is yes, DiPace said.

Drones could also be used in conjunction with guns, DiPace said.

“We’ve seen some video where the drone was flying at different targets along the route, and very accurately hitting the targets with the paintball,” he said.

The NYPD said drones and their potential use by terrorists amount to a wakeup call.

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