New York City To Give Illegals Debit Cards Worth $10,000 Each

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NY to hand illegals debit cards worth 10k each

Illegal immigrants who arrive in New York City are now going to receive debit cards that are prepaid with $10,000, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers in the State.

According to a report by the New York Post, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams wants the illegal border crossers to get the free cash in the form of pre-paid cash cards:

Unusually for the mayor, Adams didn’t publicize this story himself, and his administration has for nearly a month failed to correct several public misperceptions about it.

One misperception is that the program allows the city to give out just $50 million to migrants.

No wonder the mayor has been reticent.

This debit-card program — if you read the actual contract — has the potential to become an open-ended, multi-billion-dollar Bermuda Triangle of disappearing, untraceable cash, used for any purpose.

It will give migrants up to $10,000 each in taxpayer money with no ID check, no restrictions and no fraud control. reports: This is only going to incentivize more illegal immigration. Who wouldn’t want ten grand?

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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